Turtles all the way down

Rapture Set To Begin On Saturday!

Posted by doctore0 on May 18, 2011

I’m waiting for the day after… for the lol’s

P.S. Your religion is based on idiots like this.. all religions.

10 Responses to “Rapture Set To Begin On Saturday!”

  1. doctore0 said

    More + Rapture Party


  2. Dave said

    No parties Larry. Let them quietly be exposed for the fools they are. Geez, wish I had $140K to blow on some cause I really believed in.


  3. doctore0 said

    Atheist pet rescue… Remember your pets Christians..


  4. doctore0 said

    3 days left for the LOL’s, man it will be funny(If no one commits murder/suicide)


  5. doctore0 said

    Get some jewelry for Je$u$ “return” 🙂


  6. doctore0 said


  7. Dave said

    Absolute proof the wingnuts should be rounded up and institutionalized. Unfortunately, Gawd has given them a pass, as Bellevue is overcrowded.


  8. doctore0 said

    Soon… Man it will be funny


  9. doctore0 said

    Even more bs 😉


  10. doctore0 said

    Very serious rapture folks…


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