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Christian group predicts the world will be ‘annihilated’ on Wednesday

Posted by doctore0 on October 6, 2015

Another christian apocalypse 🙂

While our planet may have survived September’s “blood moon”, it will be permanently destroyed on Wednesday, 7 October, a Christian organization has warned.

The eBible Fellowship, an online affiliation headquartered near Philadelphia, has based its prediction of an October obliteration on a previous claim that the world would end on 21 May 2011. While that claim proved to be false, the organization is confident it has the correct date this time.

“According to what the Bible is presenting it does appear that 7 October will be the day that God has spoken of: in which, the world will pass away,” said Chris McCann, the leader and founder of the fellowship, an online gathering of Christians headquartered in Philadelphia.

“It’ll be gone forever. Annihilated.”

McCann said that, according to his interpretation of the Bible, the world will be obliterated “with fire”.

The blood moon – a lunar eclipse combined with a “super moon” – occurred without event on 27 September. This was despite some predictions that it would herald the beginning of the apocalypse. Certain religious leaders had said the blood moon would trigger a chain of events that could see our planet destroyed in as little as seven years time.

According to this new prediction, however, there will be no stay of execution. On the day of 7 October, the world will end.

“God destroyed the first earth with water, by a flood, in the days of Noah. And he says he’ll not do that again, not by water. But he does say in 2nd Peter 3 that he’ll destroy it by fire,” McCann said.
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Idiots flock to Mayan temples

Posted by doctore0 on December 22, 2012

…total freaks

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China arrests dozens in crackdown on doomsday rumors, female Jesus

Posted by doctore0 on December 17, 2012

Tada female Jesus destroys Christmas 🙂

China has detained dozens of people, some of whom it terms doomsday cult members, as part of a nationwide crackdown on rumors about a supposed forthcoming apocalypse, state media said yesterday.

Authorities in five different areas of China have detained 52 people for spreading predictions of a doomsday on Friday linked to the ancient Mayan calendar, Xinhua news agency reported.

The apocalypse predictions have received widespread coverage in China, thanks in part to the success of the Hollywood disaster film 2012, which was partly inspired by the supposed Mayan prophecy.

Those detained include 34 people in the eastern province of Fujian and two in the central city of Wuhan who handed out leaflets about the apocalypse at transport facilities, the report said.

“People have fabricated and spread rumors about the ‘end of the world,’ caused trouble by tricking people out of money and disturbed social order,” the report cited police in southwestern megacity Chongqing as saying.

A Christian group known as Almighty God, which state-run media has labeled an “evil cult” — the same description it applies to the banned Falun Gong movement — has also been targeted in the pre-doomsday crackdown, with reports of dozens of arrests last week.

Thirty-seven Almighty God members were detained in the northwestern province of Qinghai, the state-run Global Times daily said, adding that the group predicts three days of darkness will begin on Friday.

The group has called on its members to overthrow the Chinese Communist Party, which it refers to as “the big red dragon,” and tells believers that a new era presided over by a “female Jesus” has arrived.

“A big eye was found in the sun on Dec. 9 in Beijing and female Jesus manifested herself with her name. Great Tsunamis and earthquakes are about to happen around the world,” the Global Times reported a text message sent by Almighty God members as saying.
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NASA: The World Is Not Going To End This December

Posted by doctore0 on December 5, 2012

DUH I’m looking forward to see the doom-sayer crowd the day after the apocalypse, stupid morons 🙂

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End of The World 2012 – Has The Time Come To Repent?

Posted by doctore0 on January 14, 2012

Insane madness on supernatural steroids AKA Religion… trumpets and all

BBC1 08 January 2012

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Marriages dissolved, sexual relationships banned among FLDS faithful

Posted by doctore0 on December 31, 2011

HILDALE — As the year comes to an end and the followers of Warren Jeffs await the apocalypse he has predicted, they’re living under a challenging edict: they’re forbidden to have sex until Jeffs is sprung from a Texas prison.

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Penn and Teller – The Apocalypse

Posted by doctore0 on September 10, 2011

Stupid humans chasing the Apocalypse insane madness.

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Town considered Doomsday Haven

Posted by doctore0 on June 19, 2011

Religion news….

Apocalypse prediction could spark mass suicide, French agency warns

Paris (CNN) — The specter of a mass suicide tied to the widely predicted end of the world in December 2012 has prompted a warning from a government official in France, where people are already gathering at a place believers predict may provide the only escape from the apocalypse.
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Rapture Set To Begin On Saturday!

Posted by doctore0 on May 18, 2011

I’m waiting for the day after… for the lol’s

P.S. Your religion is based on idiots like this.. all religions.

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Apocalypse Fail

Posted by doctore0 on May 11, 2011

Remember kids, all prophets are insane and/or criminals; Make them pay for messing with the minds/wallets of the gullible…

Just to add some flair 🙂

A self-styled Taiwanese “prophet” was unfazed Wednesday when a 14-magnitude earthquake he had predicted failed to materialise, saying he would stay in his makeshift shelter.

Wang Chao-hung, better known to his followers and the public as “Teacher Wang”, speaks to journalists at a shelter he built in the central Taiwanese town of Puli. The self-styled “prophet” was unfazed Wednesday when a 14-magnitude earthquake he had predicted failed to materialise, saying he would stay in his makeshift shelter.

“I’m not leaving,” said Wang Chao-hung, better known to his followers and the public as “Teacher Wang”, seconds after the moment of the alleged quake — 10:42:37 am (0242 GMT) — passed without incident.

“The earthquake will hit before the end of today. You’ll see,” the bearded 54-year-old said, standing inside a compound of converted cargo containers, which he claimed would offer the best protection.

What appeared to be a small number of followers had turned up at the compound, one of two set up in central Taiwan’s Puli town in recent days, but a much larger crowd was gathered outside consisting of onlookers and journalists.

“Three, two, one!” a group of young men yelled as the last seconds of the countdown passed, and then started chanting mockingly: “Teacher Wang! Teacher Wang!”

Wang’s “prediction” had triggered a wave of interest from a mostly nonplussed Taiwanese public, and several 24-hour news channels reported live from the scene Wednesday morning.

Liao Ta-yi, a garden designer, angrily accused Wang of fraud, alleging that Wang had been trying to cheat money from gullible followers.

“The cement base of the shelter is unlikely to resist anything like a 14-magnitude earthquake,” he said.

A 14-magnitude quake would be 100,000 times the size of the March 11 9.0 earthquake which unleashed a monster tsunami that devastated large swathes of Japan’s northeast, leaving 27,000 dead or missing.
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Next up… Christian doomsday fail AGAIN 🙂

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