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The Lord is Not on Trial Here Today

Posted by doctore0 on March 9, 2013

“The Lord is Not On Trial Here Today” is a Peabody Award-winning documentary by Jay Rosenstein that tells the compelling personal story of Vashti McCollum, and how her efforts to protect her ten-year-old son led to one of the most important and landmark First Amendment cases in U.S. Supreme Court history — the case that established the separation of church and state in public schools.

learn more about the film at

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Mea Maxima Culpa Silence in the House of God

Posted by doctore0 on February 18, 2013

The LARGEST pedophile ring in the world, the catholic church.

Some info on it:

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Wonders of Life – Trailer – BBC Two

Posted by doctore0 on December 23, 2012

Professor Brian Cox examines the story of life through physics in a major new series for BBC Two – Wonders of Life

Nice trailer

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Birth of a Black Hole

Posted by doctore0 on November 29, 2012

Ok some science!

It was one of the greatest mysteries in modern science: a series of brief but extremely bright flashes of ultra-high energy light coming from somewhere out in space. These gamma ray bursts were first spotted by spy satellites in the 1960s. It took three decades and a revolution in high-energy astronomy for scientists to figure out what they were…..

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“Mea Maxima Culpa”: Film Exposes Horror of Catholic Child Sex Abuser, Heroism of His Victims

Posted by doctore0 on November 17, 2012

“Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God,” a new documentary by Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney, investigates how a charismatic priest in Milwaukee abused more than 200 deaf children in a Catholic boarding school under his control. The young students were molested again and again by Father Lawrence Murphy, who stalked them in their dorm rooms at night, on trips to his rural cabin, and even in the confessional booth.

…And god did nothing!

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Inheritance: A short history of sex, genes and DNA – Dara O Briain’s Science Club

Posted by doctore0 on November 7, 2012

Why is it that we often look like our parents, or even our grandparents? From Aristotle to Watson and Crick, this beautiful animation explains how we arrived at our current understanding of inheritance.

This exclusive preview is from Dara O Briain’s Science Club, a brand new six-part series starting on Tuesday 6 November at 9pm on BBC Two. Find out more at

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Sex, Death And The Meaning Of Life Episode 3 Richard Dawkins

Posted by doctore0 on October 30, 2012

Why does an atheist bother to get up in the morning?
That’s the question Richard Dawkins seeks to answer as he continues his exploration of the big questions of life in a world shaking off religious faith.

In a journey that takes him from the casinos of Las Vegas to Buddhist monasteries in the foothills of the Himalayas, Richard Dawkins examines how both religious and non-religious people struggle to find meaning in their lives.

He looks at how our existence is ruled by chance, meeting people whose fate was to be born into extreme poverty in India’s slums and the survivors of a natural disaster in Joplin, Missouri, a city ripped apart in 2011 by a tornado on a random course.

In the face of what appears to be a blindly indifferent universe, Dawkins argues that we each have to forge our own sense of meaning.

He meets the comedian Ricky Gervais, an atheist since the age of seven, for whom meaning comes through doing something creative.

For Dawkins, it is the awe and wonder in scientific enquiry – from the human genome to the quest for the Higgs Boson – that get him up in the morning.


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Homo Sapiens – Who are we?

Posted by doctore0 on July 18, 2012

Homemade video on the evolution of Homo sapiens. Chapter One in a Nine Chapter series – at least nine chapters so far.

More here <–+

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How did we get here?

Posted by doctore0 on April 25, 2012

The question of our human origins is one of the most controversial science has wrestled with. This is the story of how scientists came to explain the beauty and diversity of life on earth, and reveal how its evolution is connected to the long and violent history of our planet. Featuring ocean adventurers, eccentric French aristocrats, mountain climbers, a secret Victorian publisher with 12 fingers, a ridiculed German meteorologist, and only a brief hint of Charles Darwin.

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Spain’s Stolen Babies

Posted by doctore0 on October 27, 2011

Old but not busted, pedo cult; “New” madness, baby-trafficking cult.

BBC documentary describing the allegations that the Catholic Church in Spain is responsible for the systematic abduction of hundreds of thousands of infants over a course of several decades.

Play all <–+

Via Atheistmedia

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