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How Religion Harms Education – AronRa at Atheist Ireland

Posted by doctore0 on April 22, 2015

Aron Ra, Texas State Director of American Atheists, speaks to an Atheist Ireland meeting about how religion harms education, in the Davenport Hotel in Dublin on 21 April 2015.

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Church of Bacon protests at local Wells Fargo Bank branch

Posted by doctore0 on April 21, 2015

Protest held after bank allegedly would not notarize document for church member

Church of Bacon <–

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Is America beginning to accept atheists?

Posted by doctore0 on April 20, 2015

atheist1Inclusive policies for atheists, along with growing media attention and the rising number of religiously unaffiliated populations in the US, may herald the start of a shift in how America perceives those who don’t believe in God.

As the debate around religious freedom heats up across the country, one group has become increasingly central to the conversation: Atheists.

Earlier this month, lawmakers in Madison, Wis. voted to give atheists the same protections for employment, housing, and public accommodations as other groups – making the city the first in the nation to include atheists in its list of protected classes.

The decision, coupled with growing media attention and the rising number of atheists and religiously unaffiliated across the United States, may be a sign of shifting perceptions around those who reject religious beliefs.

Among the least accepted groups in the United States today, atheists have long faced discrimination in politics, military service, and schools, as well as hostility in everyday life.

Eight states have laws that technically prohibit atheists from holding office: Arkansas, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. A 1961 Supreme Court ruling prevents these laws from being actively enforced, yet there are no openly atheist members of Congress, The Washington Post reported.
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Atheist? THEN OWN IT! — Be Openly Secular —

Posted by doctore0 on April 19, 2015

CBS News This Morning, Mo Rocca, 4-19-2015
Openly Secular:

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Atheist mom threatened over complaints about ‘Bible Man’ visits to Tennessee public school

Posted by doctore0 on April 16, 2015

A Tennessee mom said she and her child have been threatened after they complained about “Bible Man” visits to her son’s school.

The Christian-themed superhero character played by Horace Turner has been visiting Grundy County schools for nearly 40 years, but the atheist mom contacted a national secular group over her concerns, reported WRCB-TV.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter on behalf of the woman, who asked to remain anonymous in news reports, questioning the constitutionality of the in-school visits.

While some Christian evangelizers come as wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing, this wolf comes dressed as a wolf,” the group said in a letter. “’Bible Man’s’ overtly religious and proselytizing messages are explicit.”

Turner leads students in Bible readings, sets up “baby Jesus” displays at school, preaches in sermons that “Jesus died on the cross for our sins,” and distributes religious literature, the group said.

He has also spoken at schools in Alabama, but Tennessee state officials recently promised to end Turner’s visits to elementary schools.
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Turkey’s Atheists Face Hostilities, Death Threats

Posted by doctore0 on April 16, 2015


Onur Romano, a founding member of Turkey’s Atheism Association, opens the office and checks the mail. For once, he says, there are no death threats.

“Sometimes they send photos of some al-Qaida members chopping people off heads and putting all the heads in a bucket,” he says. “They tell us your head is going to be in one of the buckets, that’s how you are going to leave your office, stuff like that.”

In officially secular Turkey, whose population is 99 percent Muslim, atheists are voicing alarm about what they call increasing intolerance fueled by the country’s pro-Islamist government.

“Through Facebook, Twitter, emails, and to our call center, we have received a couple of hundred death threats already,” Romano continues. “We have a total of three security cameras, and we have two panic buttons hooked up to the nearest police precinct. But we are determined.”

On Turkish TV channels where growing numbers of Islamic clerics espouse their beliefs, Atheists are a popular target. Romano says much of his group’s work involves countering such views.

“We don’t insult religion, we don’t insult people’s values. All we are trying to [do] is to tell people what atheism, because our people think that atheists are people who have orgies every night, rape animals because [and] have no ethical values,” he said. “For them, ethics is equal to religion.”
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Britain one of the ‘world’s least religious countries’, says poll

Posted by doctore0 on April 13, 2015

Britain is one of the least religious countries in the world, with two thirds of the population describing themselves as atheist or “not religious”, a new survey has disclosed.

Only 30 per cent of Britons interviewed by pollsters as part of a world-wide project said they would describe themselves as religious, regardless of whether they attended a place of worship.

It compared with 53 per cent who said they were “not religious” and 13 per cent who said they were a “convinced atheist”. The remainder were “don’t knows”.

The study appeared to show significantly different results to other research conducted in 2013 – the British Social Attitudes Survey – which said 52 per cent of the population associated with any religion while 48 per cent described themselves as having no faith.

In the latest study only three European countries surveyed by WIN/Gallup International had a lower proportion claiming to be religious than the UK – Sweden (19 per cent), the Netherlands (26 per cent) and the Czech Republic (27 per cent).

Outside Europe only China (7 per cent), Japan (13 per cent) and Hong Kong (26 per cent) had lower proportions of self-declared religious followers than Britain.

Worldwide just over six out of 10 people (63 per cent) citizens described themselves as religious, while one in five (22 per cent) said they were not and 11 per cent considered themselves atheists.

The poll asked nearly 64,000 people from 65 countries about their beliefs.
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Fox News Ironic Anti-Atheist Segment

Posted by doctore0 on April 10, 2015

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First U.S. City To Protect Atheists From Discrimination!

Posted by doctore0 on April 1, 2015

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Atheists: Inside the World of Non-Believers – CNN Special Report

Posted by doctore0 on March 27, 2015

CNN SPECIAL REPORT, “Atheists: Inside the World of Non-Believers” featuring Dave Silverman, Jerry DeWitt, and Richard Dawkins.

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