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Politicians back motion that science cannot disprove God created the world in six days

Posted by doctore0 on October 1, 2015

Morons :)

creationist-frog CONCERN has been raised over a new religious pressure group which is being proposed by MSPs with the backing of an exclusively Christian organisation that aims to “heal wounds inflicted by atheism”.

Three of the five proposed MSPs who will join the group backed a parliamentary motion asserting that science could not disprove that God created the world in six days.

A proposal will go before a Holyrood committee today to win approval for a cross-party group on religious freedom, saying the new body would be open to members of all faiths and none.

However, it is being backed by the organisation Aid to the Church in Need UK, which describes its aim as healing “wounds inflicted by atheism” through “prayer, sacrifice, conversion, information and active charity”.

The charity, which says it supports “the Catholic faithful and other Christians”, has already pledged £800 in kind to the Holyrood group and it is proposed that its communications executive will act as the parliamentary group’s secretary.

Dave Thompson, an SNP backbencher, earmarked the current refugee crisis as an example of an issue the group would take an interest in.

Aid to the Church in Need UK is running a campaign to raise the profile of exclusively Christian suffering “at a time when the refugee crisis is dominating the headlines.”
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Making history fit the Bible (like squeezing a fat guy into a small car)

Posted by doctore0 on September 30, 2015

How can you fit over 5,000 years of Egyptian history into a timespan of just 4,000 years? Well, you can…. The way to do it is…. Er…. You can’t.

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Creationist illegally selling false hope cancer drug

Posted by doctore0 on September 17, 2015

Kent Hovind incriminates his son, Eric Hovind in the interstate selling of the drug amygdalin

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Why do people laugh at creationists (part 43)

Posted by doctore0 on September 5, 2015

Kent Hovind, out of jail after ~10 years!! Sadly it looks like hes not much wiser than when he went in.

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Robertson: Dead Baby Could’ve Been The Next Hitler

Posted by doctore0 on June 9, 2015



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Politicians, school boards, principals, and teachers are pushing creationism on kids

Posted by doctore0 on June 9, 2015

creationismjobsWhen a student in Louisiana opens her textbook in biology class, she might not have the standard Miller and Levine Biology with a dragonfly on the cover, and she might not ever learn about evolution. For some Louisiana public school students, their science textbook is the Bible, and in biology class they read the Book of Genesis to learn the “creation point of view.”

Through a public records request, I obtained dozens of emails from the Bossier Parish school district that specifically discuss teaching creationism. Shawna Creamer, a science teacher at Airline High School, sent an email to the principal, Jason Rowland, informing him of which class periods she would use to teach creationism. “We will read in Genesis and them [sic] some supplemental material debunking various aspects of evolution from which the students will present,” Creamer wrote.

In another email exchange with Rowland, a parent had complained that a different teacher, Cindy Tolliver, actually taught that evolution was a “fact.” This parent complained that Tolliver was “pushing her twisted religious beliefs onto the class.” Principal Rowland responded, “I can assure you this will not happen again.”
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Louisiana Politician Accuses Scientists of Burning Dissenters Alive

Posted by doctore0 on May 9, 2015

Haha sheesh

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Durham Free School: ‘Creationism taught at’ free school facing closure

Posted by doctore0 on March 3, 2015

creationismPupils at Durham Free School were taught creationism during science lessons, according to newspaper Schools Week.

The school, which has already been ordered to close by the Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, has been accused of harbouring “prejudiced views” of children from other faiths that went unchallenged by teachers.

A teacher at the school reportedly asked Year 7 pupils to complete a worksheet as part of their science homework that stated: “Only the Earth has life on it. God has designed the solar system so that the Earth can support life.”

Any school, academy or free school that is found to teach Creationism as a scientific fact would be in breach of the law and its funding agreement.

Inspectors from education standards watchdog Ofsted also said that they had found evidence of bullying, poor standards in the classroom and financial mismanagement at the free school in investigations last month.
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Darwin Days Canceled After Creationists Group Wants In

Posted by doctore0 on March 3, 2015

Crazy creationist news

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Genesis Creation Visualized – Scientifically

Posted by doctore0 on January 26, 2015

How might the first chapter of the Bible look if the Genesis creation narrative were an accurate and literal account of the creation of the Cosmos? Enjoy this visual re-write of Genesis to see a more scientifically accurate, and poetic account of “Biblical Creation

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