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Court Bans Gay Pride Parades For The Next 100 Years In Moscow

Posted by doctore0 on August 17, 2012

Sad/crazy situation in Russia

4 Responses to “Court Bans Gay Pride Parades For The Next 100 Years In Moscow”

  1. Ron Goetz said

    Government violence against gays and lesbians? That’s exactly what Christian Dominionists would have us do here in the U.S. if they had their way. God help us.


  2. Dave said

    Once a commie….always a commie…so they say. Russia hasn’t changed. It’s all a hoax. Like-minded Amerikaaners would like nothing better than to turn this country into a bigoted theocracy wherein all LGBT types would be strung up in trees. Some folks, those without a soul, ( sorry Doc…:-) ) are incapable of comprehending the 101 schooling the life-lesson commonly refers to as the ‘human-condition’. Heck…my ex from many years ago…..still thinks ‘monogamy’ is a wood used in furniture construction. ‘Pussy Riot’ deserves all the attention the world community can muster The commie rat-bastards will eventually have to step up to the plate and take their 3 strikes. These poor gals, beacons of free speech in a country still struggling with the concept, are in dire need of our assistance.
    Now…..if only I had a rocket launcher.


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