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Warren Jeffs’ revelations predict death and destruction

Posted by doctore0 on November 15, 2011

Apparent prophecies from imprisoned FLDS Church leader Warren Jeffs warning of the destruction of America were delivered to the Utah Attorney General’s Office on Monday.

3 Responses to “Warren Jeffs’ revelations predict death and destruction”

  1. Dave said

    How does this kook get ANY airtime, period? Shame on those who choose to publish any of his
    inanities. Another slow news day?


  2. Dave said

    Religion “news” should be page-two stuff. It ain’t news and should be no more significant than Dear Abby, which I’d prefer to read. Religious creepdom appears to have an inflated ego as to self-importance. Rendering their persistent conflagrations to the back page would go a long way in destroying their cult. Same applies to Republicans.


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