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Ra-Men special – Dinosaur deniers – with Kristen Auclair

Posted by doctore0 on February 20, 2015

Kristen Auclair got herself banned from Mumsnet, a parenting site, because she complained that dinosaurs never existed. She believes they were designed before their fossils were fabricated in an unbelievably cohesive globally-unified conspiracy at every level – to promote evolution, and thus deceive people who would otherwise have believed we were all created by magick.

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Doctor refuses treatment of same sex couple’s baby

Posted by doctore0 on February 20, 2015

insaneBay Windsor Contreras is 4 months old and she’s the apple of her mothers’ eye.

Both of her mothers, Krista and Jami Contreras were married in Vermont in 2012.

In October 2014 they welcomed a beautiful baby bay into the world and were quickly confronted with an ugly reality, one they say from a place they never expected.

“As far as we know Bay doesn’t have a sexual orientation yet so I’m not really sure what that matters,” Jami said. “We’re not your patient – she’s your patient. And the fact is that your job is to keep babies healthy and you can’t keep a baby healthy that has gay parents?”

Last September when the expectant mothers first met Dr. Vesna Roi at Eastlake Pediatrics in Roseville. She was recommended by their midwife.

“We were really happy with her,” Krista said. “The kind of care she offered, we liked her personality, she seemed pretty friendly. She seemed pretty straight up with us.”

The Contrerasas were told to make an appointment with Roi once Bay arrived. The baby was born at home and when she was six days old – they went in.

But instead of seeing Dr. Roi, another doctor greeted them.

“The first thing Dr. Karam said was ‘I’ll be your doctor, I’ll be seeing you today because Dr. Roi decided this morning that she prayed on it and she won’t be able to care for Bay,” Jami said.

“Dr. Karam told us she didn’t even come to the office that morning because she didn’t want to see us.”

The new mothers were shocked, hurt and angry.

“It was embarrassing, it was humiliating and here we are, new parents trying to protect her,” Jami said. “And we know this happens in the world and we’re completely prepared for this to happen other places. But not at our six-day-old’s wellness appointment.”

Bay’s parents proceeded with the appointment with the other doctor then found another pediatric group for their baby.

“When we started calling other pediatricians my first thing on the phone was, we’re lesbian moms – is this okay with you,” Krista said.

Still upset, the new moms shared their story on social media. People started calling Eastlake Pediatrics to share their alarm. On Feb. 9, nearly four months after the appointment – the Contreras family finally received this letter from Roi.

The letter read:

“After much prayer following your prenatal, I felt that i would not be able to develop the personal patient-doctor relationships that I normally do with my patients.”

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Egyptian student given prison sentence for atheist Facebook posts

Posted by doctore0 on February 19, 2015

A student from Ismailia was given a one year prison sentence by a court Monday for contempt of religion relating to activities on campus and atheist statements online.

Sherif Gaber, 22, was studying at Suez Canal University in 2013, when teaching staff and fellow students reported him via a petition to the institution’s President. They said he had made posts supporting atheism on Facebook, and suspected him of being behind a page called ‘The Atheists’.

Subsequently, the university’s then-president Mohamed A. Mohamedein personally filed a legal complaint against the student to the local prosecution on the grounds of contempt of religion. Monday’s verdict on the case allows Gaber to avoid the prison sentence on a bail of EGP 1,000. However, a retrial that could increase the sentence to over two years is due to take place in the coming weeks.

Speaking to Daily News Egypt, Gaber said how he was a “good student… top of his class”, but that his run-in with the university began after he challenged a science teacher. This arose over the teacher calling homosexuality a sin, and for homosexuals to “be crucified in the middle of the streets”.

According to Gaber, a lecturer from the university proceeded to print posts from
Gaber’s Facebook page that questioned religion. In front of a class, the lecturer declared that he would submit them as evidence to the University’s president and the prosecutor general.
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Saudi cleric rejects that Earth revolves around the sun

Posted by doctore0 on February 18, 2015

Religion… = Fancy word for stupid/insane :)

Sheikh Bandar al-Khaibari claimed Earth is stationary and the sun rotates
Offered religious statements and clerical comments to back up his belief
Also launched into baffling explanation about airliners never being able to reach their destination if the earth was truly moving

Reminds me of this


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Bill Burr: Why I walked Away From Religion

Posted by doctore0 on February 16, 2015

From ‘Im Sorry You Feel That Way’ Netflix special

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Heaven – Do You Qualify?

Posted by doctore0 on February 16, 2015

Find out if you will be going to heaven according to the bible!

Seeja in hell!

Hell/heaven does not exist..

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Pope Francis: not having children is selfish

Posted by doctore0 on February 13, 2015

Says head of number one “virgin” institution. Pope is sounding more and more stupid every day :D

We need more kids..slurp

We need more kids..slurp

Pope Francis has chided couples who choose not to have children, saying the decision is a “selfish” act. The statement, made in his general audience in St Peter’s Square, will be seen as especially controversial in Italy, which has recorded a steady drop in its birth rate for decades.

“A society with a greedy generation, that doesn’t want to surround itself with children, that considers them above all worrisome, a weight, a risk, is a depressed society,” the pope said. “The choice to not have children is selfish. Life rejuvenates and acquires energy when it multiplies: It is enriched, not impoverished.”

The address was focused primarily on the joy of children and their role in society. The pope recalled a childhood memory, when his mother was asked which of her five children was her favourite. “She would say, ‘I have five children like I have five fingers. If they beat one of my fingers, all five hurt. All of my children are mine, but each one is different,’” he said.

“You love your child because he is a child, not because he is beautiful, healthy, and good; not because he thinks like me, or embodies my desires. A child is a child: a life created by us but destined for him.”
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Young Brits reject religion, approve of atheist politicians

Posted by doctore0 on February 13, 2015

I cannot understand how anyone can be religious in this day and age :)

CANTERBURY, England — In marked contrast to the U.S., public figures who disavow belief in God tend to win approval from a growing number of British people.

A survey of 1,500 adults released Thursday (Feb. 12) by YouGov, a British market research firm, shows that as many as a third of all Britons do not believe in God or any kind of higher power.

The poll found that Nick Clegg, deputy prime minister, and Ed Miliband, leader of the opposition Labor Party, were viewed positively because they state openly that they don’t believe in God.

That’s a stark contrast to the U.S., where the number of openly atheist politicians in Congress hovers around zero.

The survey shows that while atheists in England are ready to stand up and talk about their nonbelief in God, most Christians are reluctant to proclaim their faith.

And it shows a marked divide between young people — who increasingly embrace atheism — and older people, who identify with their religious upbringing.

Almost one in three under the age of 24 declare themselves to be atheists, compared with only one in 10 people over the age of 60.

Thirty-three percent of those surveyed said they did not believe in “any sort of God or spiritual power.”

The proportion of people who denied belief in God rose to 46 percent among 18- to 24-year-olds.

Young people also admire comedian and actor Stephen Fry for saying in public that if there is a God, then that God is “a capricious, mean-minded, stupid God” who allows so much suffering.

David Voas, professor of population studies at Essex University, said that while Fry had offended many religious people, he delighted atheists.
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Keep YOUR God Out of OUR Public Schools!

Posted by doctore0 on February 12, 2015

WJAX-TV news, Jacksonville, FL, 2-12-2015
Yulee High School

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Mr Deity and the Atheist

Posted by doctore0 on February 11, 2015

Richard Dawkins is mistakenly brought to the realm of the Deity.

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