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A Day in the Life of a Modern American Idiot.. uhh Exorcist

Posted by doctore0 on September 22, 2016

The ancient rite of casting evil spirits from the possessed is on the rise in the United States. Historically, demonic possessions have been used to describe mental or physical illnesses and even strings of bad luck, but the scientific community has debunked many of the outdated convictions.

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Woman ‘beaten to death with sticks by religious group trying to exorcise demons from her body’

Posted by doctore0 on May 11, 2015

Religion = Fancy name for mental illness

The mentally ill woman’s relatives were convinced she was “possessed by the devil”, so she took the extraordinary decision to call in an exorcist

woman was effectively beaten to death with sticks by a religious team trying to exorcise demons from her body.

Local reports in Moroccan say the woman was ‘possessed by Satan’, and it was decided the best way to deal with the problem was to yell religious passages at her while hitting her with the sticks.

A report by the Morocco World News said the woman’s relatives were convinced she was “possessed by the devil”, so she took the extraordinary decision to call in an exorcist.

The shocking incident took place last Friday, but the woman finally died after what the newspaper called continuous sessions of exorcism performed by a “fqih” (exorcist) in Douar Beni Salah in the Tetouan region of Morocco.
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“Botched” exorcism: ‘She’ll never walk but at least she’s free of the djinn’

Posted by doctore0 on July 2, 2011



A pir beat a woman, while performing an exorcism on Friday morning.

According to a nurse at Nishtar Hospital, Katchi Abadi resident Zakia was taken to a local pir by her family after she began to have an asthma attack. The pir, Safdar Khan, took the woman into a room and tied her up with rope. He then stuck a burning poker through her wrists and feet and beat her bloody with a stick.

Locals in the area said that after Zakia screamed in agony, the pir released her in her parent’s custody. “He told her parents that the djinn had been exorcised and that the only way to get rid of the demon was to burn her and beat it out of her,” said a nurse Rehana, who told reporters that the doctors at the hospital had refused to release a report on the case. “The doctors won’t file against Safdar. They often send epilepsy or asthma cases to him to lighten their own load” she said.

Police officials also refused to file the case, after Zakia’s brother tried to file a report. “I didn’t know my parents were taking her to a pir. My sister can no longer walk and she will be bedridden for the rest of her life because of this,” Zain Hadi said. “I tried to tell my parents that this exorcism is fake and that my sister actually suffers from asthma but they didn’t listen. They took her to the pir when I was away from home,” he added.Safdar Pir’s attendant Shani told reporters that the pir had cured the woman.
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Is it real: Exorcism?

Posted by doctore0 on June 25, 2011

Nahhh,  exorcism is pure scam + mental illness + brainwashed “idiots” + really, really, really BAD acting.


Part 2 –  Part 3Part 4

Hey,  crazy catholic exorcism seminar in Texas

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Shockingly convincing exorcism

Posted by doctore0 on June 13, 2011

Professional Christians.

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Demons take over Mdzimba High

Posted by doctore0 on June 2, 2011

Overdosed on religion. Step one for recovery; Keep children away from religion.

DEMONS have literally taken over  Mdzimba High school near Dlangeni since Monday,  where pupils are running amok and seeing visions mostly related to one of the teachers at the school.
As a result, a mass demon exorcism exercise has been carried out at the school since then, by pastors from the Manzini based Church of God, to no avail.
The children run away from invisible apparitions, which at times direct them to a nearby pool, where they claim to see a register with the name of pupils targeted by the demons.
At times, they claim to be instructed to drink water from the school tap, saying the instructions were coming from the school’s principal, Sgwili Dlamini. They writhe around as if in agony while screaming loudly and if not restrained, they dash full speed to the pond where they return to inform others whose names they claim they saw at the pond.
Pastor Mduduzi Manana, a well-known demon buster, has been conducting exorcism prayers at the school. The situation tends to subside in the afternoons, only to resurface with full verve the following morning.  classes have not been conducted at the school as from Monday, as the pupils cause general mayhem when they become possessed by the unseen powers.  Yesterday, all the children were crammed inside the school hall, where they were individually prayed for. Pastor Manana and his coterie of demon-busters had their hands full praying for the pupils, slapping them, at their foreheads and commanding the demons to depart the children’s bodies. 
Strangely, the affliction seemed to be prone among the girl pupils while a few boys were affected. Parents also came in their number to assist in the exorcism while teachers ensured that none of the pupils dodged the prayers. 
Other than seeing visions, babbling incoherently and dashing in full speed, the children did not froth at the mouth nor did they faint as is normal with such situations. They were generally restless, while calming down after being prayed for only to start again.
The burly among the boys had to exert all their strength to restrain them, and occasionally the victims would lie still as if in deep slumber.
According to the principal, the problem was not new at the school, saying it started towards the end of last year and at a much lower rate. “Initially only nine were affected. I even sent them home advising their parents to take them to people who could treat such affliction. They returned again with the situation having normalised. But towards last term’s closure it struck again. When we opened this term the problem was still there and this time around it engulfed the whole school.
But we believe the prayers from this pastor will contain the situation as he has a track record of dealing with such things. Otherwise, since Monday he and his team have been fervently praying at the school, and we can only wish them all the success,” Dlamini the principal said.
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In context, more idiots: Exorcist cures the ‘possessed’ of Colombia

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Schizophrenia news: Philippine priest in ancient battle with ‘demons’

Posted by doctore0 on April 14, 2011

Pedo cult doing some crazy woo marketing; Number one priority for the Philippines is to get the pedo cult, aka catholic church, out of the country.

Kiss my ass or burn

MANILA (AFP) – A blood-curdling scream echoes through the Roman Catholic chapel in Manila as Father Jose Francisco Syquia says a prayer of exorcism over a Satanic cult member believed to be possessed by the devil.

“It’s very painful,” the woman cries in an unearthly voice, her body contorting in an attempt to break free from the tight grasp of Syquia’s assistants. After a few minutes she falls silent, her limp body exhausted.

The case is among hundreds documented on video and kept by Syquia, who heads the Manila Archdiocese’s Office of Exorcism — the only one that exists in the Catholic nation of 94 million people.

“She would have levitated had she not been restrained,” Syquia said of the woman in the video, portions of which were shown to AFP during a rare interview at his office in the basement of a seminary in Manila.

Syquia believes he is in the frontline of the battle between good and evil on earth.

“There is a great dramatic increase of possessions right now,” said the 44-year-old priest. “More and more the demons are gaining a foothold into this society.”

While non-believers often joke about the devil, and demonic possessions are trivialised by Hollywood, Syquia insisted the torment suffered by those he had healed was real.

“I have seen scratches suddenly appearing on their skin, of inverted crosses on the forehead. These persons would be conscious at the time, and they tell me its like razor cutting from the inside of the skin,” he said.

Demons could manifest themselves in many ways and could enter the human soul through occult and New Age teachings that were becoming increasingly popular in the general community, Syquia said.
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Nantucket child killed in exorcism by mom

Posted by doctore0 on March 18, 2011

In gawd they trust

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Meet America’s Top Exorcist, The Inspiration For ‘The Rite’

Posted by doctore0 on March 8, 2011

Insane madness, thats religion.
Ugga bugga,amen

Via Atheistmedia

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Drug Addicted Woman Opens Door to Satan; Demons, Devils, and Dimwits

Posted by doctore0 on January 28, 2011

The woman has an excuse, she is sick. The television network has no excuse; Some are still living in the dark ages. They may look sober.. Did you dabble in witchcraft, tarot.. blah

Max madness in progress.

Send to

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