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Catholic priest charged for possessing, producing and attempting to produce child pornography

Posted by doctore0 on August 10, 2011

The catholic pedo cult madness keeps getting worse; Adults with imaginary friends… keep children away from them.

Ohh and again they are sorry… ta da

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McDonalds pulls commercial after criticism from Catholic Church

Posted by doctore0 on April 14, 2011

Pedo cult no like normal/natural human behavior.

The fast food chain in the Philippines pulled a television commercial Tuesday night, which showed two young children flirting with each other after the Catholic Church criticized it as sending the wrong message.

In the commercial, a young girl asks a boy of the same approximate age if she can be his girlfriend. Not interested, the boy says that girls are too demanding.

But after he learns of her intentions to get some French fries, he starts beaming, and they walk away to get some P25 fries.

The Catholic Church and the Catholic Bishops Conference in the Philippines complained saying the commercial sent the wrong message.
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BTW: Time to shun McDonalds for crawling in the dust for the pedo cult. NP for me, McDonalds sucks πŸ™‚

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Former Catholic theologian says much of the clergy is gay

Posted by doctore0 on November 22, 2010

I say Christianity started out as a gay club πŸ˜‰

The former publisher of a conservative Catholic magazine has claimed that a large share of Catholic clergy is gay, and called for the Church to change its homophobic attitude and teaching.

Theologian David Berger, was correspondent professor for the Pontifical Academy of St Thomas Aquinas in the Vatican, where he said his academic work was watched and censored where it concerned homosexuality.

As a gay man himself, he told Der Spiegel in an interview that living among the Catholic homophobia was a nightmare.

β€œIt must be acknowledged that a large number of Catholic clerics and trainee priests in Europe and the United States are homosexually-inclined,” he said.

He said when he was writing for theological magazines, he had to use phrases such as fornication-partner rather than life-partner, and that the neutral word homosexual could not be used, but gay men were described as perverse sodomites.

β€œThe worst homophobia in the Catholic Church comes from homophile priests, who are desperately fighting their own sexuality,” he said
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The legal paedophile ring..uhh catholic church strikes again – Now Switzerland hit by sex abuse scandal

Posted by doctore0 on March 17, 2010

Just wait for countries like the Philippines…
The church sex abuse scandal unravelling at Roman Catholic-run schools and institutions across Europe has reached Switzerland, where senior clergy admitted yesterday that 60 cases were under investigation.

Abbot Martin Werlen, of the Benedictine Abbey of Einsiedeln, said reports of abuse had been submitted to the Swiss church authorities in the wake of the disclosures in Ireland, Germany, Austria, Poland and Holland.

He said the Swiss Catholic Church was investigating the cases. “We find it important that the victim himself determines what steps to take,” Abbot Werlen said. The Abbot, who is a member of a bishop’s conference investigating the allegations, has indirectly criticised the Catholic church in other countries for appointing bishops to investigate abuse cases.

Abbot Werlen has proposed setting up an independent organisation to deal with such cases which would not be directly attached to the church. “There should be an independent body that victims can go to,” he insisted. He said that investigations still had to show whether all the allegations of abuse in Switzerland were genuine.

In Germany, priests holding a service in a Catholic church in the Bavarian town of Bad TΓΆlz were shouted at by outraged members of the congregation on Sunday for defending a fellow priest who had been convicted of sexually abusing adolescents.

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Ohh add Brazil
Sex scandal hits Brazilian Catholic church
RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – Brazilian authorities are investigating three priests accused of sexually abusing altar boys after a video allegedly showing one case of abuse was broadcast on television, police and church officials said Tuesday.

The case came to light after the SBT network aired a video purportedly showing an 82-year-old priest having sex with a 19-year-old altar boy who worked for him for four years. Other young men appeared on the report saying that they, too, had been abused by Monsignor Luiz Marques Barbosa.

Also under investigation are Monsignor Raimundo Gomes, 52, and Father Edilson Duarte, 43, for allegedly having sexual relations with boys and young men.

According to a statement from the church, the three priests are “supposedly involved in acts (yet to be proven) of sexual abuse.” The statement did not say whether the men admit or deny guilt. None of the priests could be located to ask about the case, and the church would not provide contact details for them.
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Catholic church, creators of the Jeebu$β„’ fable, raping and destroying people since it’s creation

Remember.. if your country welcomes the pope/catholic church.. it’s welcoming the protector of paedophiles.. creators of the ultimate scam, Jeebu$β„’.

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Spanish exorcist addresses claims of Satanic influence in Vatican

Posted by doctore0 on March 4, 2010

Imagine those crazy idiots are welcomed and invited to visit countries… treated like they are not insane haha.. errhh; Pretty sick world we live in, not intelligent design eh

Rome, Italy, Mar 3, 2010 / 04:20 pm (CNA).- A renowned exorcist in Rome recently released a book of memoirs in which he declares to know of the existence of Satanic sects in the Vatican where participation reaches all the way to the College of Cardinals. A second demonologist, also residing in Rome, entered the debate this week, clarifying the origins of the information and defending the Vatican’s clergy as an “edifying and virtuous” collection of prelates.

In a book of memoirs released in February, the noted Italian exorcist Fr. Gabriele Amorth affirmed that “Yes, also in the Vatican there are members of Satanic sects.” When asked if members of the clergy are involved or if this is within the lay community, he responded, “There are priests, monsignors and also cardinals!”

The book, “Father Amorth. Memoirs of an Exorcist. My life fighting against Satan.” was written by Marco Tosatti, who compiled it from interviews with the priest.

Fr. Amorth was asked by Tosatti how he knows Vatican clergy are involved. He answered, “I know from those who have been able to relate it to me because they had a way of knowing directly. And it’s something ‘confessed’ most times by the very demon under obedience during the exorcisms.”

The famous Italian exorcist was also asked if the Pope was aware of Satanic sects in the Vatican, to which Fr. Amorth replied, “Of course, he was informed. But he does what he can. It’s a horrifying thing.”

Benedict XVI, being German, comes from a place “decidedly averse to these things,” argued Fr. Amorth, saying that in Germany “there practically aren’t any exorcists.” However, he clarified, “the Pope believes (in them).”

The Italian priest also warned of the existence of bishops and priests who do not believe in Satan in the interview. “And yet, in the Gospel, Jesus speaks extensively about it, so it should be said, either they’ve never read the Gospel or they just don’t believe it!”
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Catholic Identity Card + Voodoo

Posted by doctore0 on February 11, 2010

In the event of an accident or emergency.. please contact a priest hahaha Insane stuff.. how will the priest help: Ohh my imaginary mass murderer in the sky, please change your plan for this person.. ugga bugga wigga wagga

Bonus in context.. same thing, different zombie(s)

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God Is Smart!

Posted by doctore0 on January 15, 2010

Just ask the pope.. and Pat Robertson.. and .. well any other creep out there selling the bronze age bs.. life after death in super mega luxury.

And this gawd, great idea πŸ™‚

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Liberal & Moderate Christianity

Posted by doctore0 on January 9, 2010

Scam is what religion is!

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The reason for the season

Posted by doctore0 on December 22, 2009

Right on Matt!

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God vs Reality

Posted by doctore0 on December 11, 2009

Caller: Through history billions of people have believed in gawd and hence gawd exists + people have personal experience & the bible is really really old and the word of the master of the universe because it says so.. hahahaha idiot.

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