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Politicians back motion that science cannot disprove God created the world in six days

Posted by doctore0 on October 1, 2015

Morons 🙂

creationist-frog CONCERN has been raised over a new religious pressure group which is being proposed by MSPs with the backing of an exclusively Christian organisation that aims to “heal wounds inflicted by atheism”.

Three of the five proposed MSPs who will join the group backed a parliamentary motion asserting that science could not disprove that God created the world in six days.

A proposal will go before a Holyrood committee today to win approval for a cross-party group on religious freedom, saying the new body would be open to members of all faiths and none.

However, it is being backed by the organisation Aid to the Church in Need UK, which describes its aim as healing “wounds inflicted by atheism” through “prayer, sacrifice, conversion, information and active charity”.

The charity, which says it supports “the Catholic faithful and other Christians”, has already pledged £800 in kind to the Holyrood group and it is proposed that its communications executive will act as the parliamentary group’s secretary.

Dave Thompson, an SNP backbencher, earmarked the current refugee crisis as an example of an issue the group would take an interest in.

Aid to the Church in Need UK is running a campaign to raise the profile of exclusively Christian suffering “at a time when the refugee crisis is dominating the headlines.”
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