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Duck Dynasty Star on Why Atheists Don’t Exist

Posted by doctore0 on July 8, 2015

..One of the stars of Duck Dynasty, Si Robertson, was recently speaking to the Christian Post about an upcoming film he’s in called “Faith Of Our Fathers.” During the interview Robertson said he doesn’t believe Atheists exist because of…calendars?

2 Responses to “Duck Dynasty Star on Why Atheists Don’t Exist”

  1. djnlsn said

    Duck, fishin’ and huntin’ seasons are all specific dates on the calendar as well…..everywhere…Thank You Jesus!!


  2. djnlsn said

    That this guy even has a public persona in Amerika, regardless of what some may view as purely ‘entertainment’ , is the disquieting aspect of Amerikan culture…..the Brits have always had the Monty’s, Benny’s and Tracey’s…to name a few….the Canadians…the McKenzie Bros….SCTV…Kids in the Hall….etc…..but Amerika has been at loss for innocent comedy for quite some time….even the best…Eddie Murphy, John Belushi, George Carlin, and the most upset of all, Sam Kinison…..have relied on angry, though often funny, material… it really does appeal to the 50% of the population stupider than the average person…..clowns like this Si-guy will continue to proliferate until ‘ America ‘ decides to insist ‘education’ be the priority as to the prosperity of their culture…..


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