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Fear Of Atheism Explained

Posted by doctore0 on May 8, 2015

Atheists are one of the most openly discriminated against, despised and distrusted groups in America and most of the world. There’s a new study that aims to explain why Atheists are so hated

Death = Game over, no continue; face it 🙂

One Response to “Fear Of Atheism Explained”

  1. Jun Wah said

    No shit. That was pretty obvious. But as someone with an interest in psychology, I wonder what makes some people gloat over informing others that nothing exists but the material, especially when they may be choosing religion as a means to cope with bereavement, for example. In my opinion, the likes of you have sadistic tendencies. Let me tell you, I stopped believing as a first grader, probably younger than you have. I was very smart and realized extremely early that things didn’t add up — but I still find attitudes like yours disturbing. If religion came about as a means to cope with human suffering then, in my mind, it serves its purpose. I sometimes wish I didn’t reason my way out so early in life. Your attitude = psychopathic, face it 🙂


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