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Britain one of the ‘world’s least religious countries’, says poll

Posted by doctore0 on April 13, 2015

Britain is one of the least religious countries in the world, with two thirds of the population describing themselves as atheist or “not religious”, a new survey has disclosed.

Only 30 per cent of Britons interviewed by pollsters as part of a world-wide project said they would describe themselves as religious, regardless of whether they attended a place of worship.

It compared with 53 per cent who said they were “not religious” and 13 per cent who said they were a “convinced atheist”. The remainder were “don’t knows”.

The study appeared to show significantly different results to other research conducted in 2013 – the British Social Attitudes Survey – which said 52 per cent of the population associated with any religion while 48 per cent described themselves as having no faith.

In the latest study only three European countries surveyed by WIN/Gallup International had a lower proportion claiming to be religious than the UK – Sweden (19 per cent), the Netherlands (26 per cent) and the Czech Republic (27 per cent).

Outside Europe only China (7 per cent), Japan (13 per cent) and Hong Kong (26 per cent) had lower proportions of self-declared religious followers than Britain.

Worldwide just over six out of 10 people (63 per cent) citizens described themselves as religious, while one in five (22 per cent) said they were not and 11 per cent considered themselves atheists.

The poll asked nearly 64,000 people from 65 countries about their beliefs.
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