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‘Have you escaped religion? We have!’

Posted by doctore0 on February 6, 2015

jebusdecisionA PROVOCATIVE billboard that is likely to ruffle the feathers of religious Australians has been erected on one of our busiest motorways.

A group of nonbelievers, Sydney Atheists, put up the giant sign on Sydney’s M4 motorway on Wednesday. It reads: “Have you escaped religion? We have!”

The organisation’s president, Steve Marton, told the billboard wasn’t designed to offend, but to provoke thought.

He said Sydney Atheists was largely made up of people who had “suffered” under organised religion and included members who had “escaped” the Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Mormon and Jewish faiths.

The group believes that all religions are false belief systems that deny the realities of the universe and humanity’s place on Earth.

“This world suffers so much at the hands of religion; it doesn’t make any sense to believe these stories. It’s just fantasy,” Mr Marton said.

He said religions were man-made structures designed to indoctrinate.

“Every religion has an agenda, and those agenda are to control people. Most religions have an end goal and usually that involves power and money,” Mr Marton said
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