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Katy church says “sex sermons” drawing in crowds

Posted by doctore0 on February 4, 2015

Sex always sells 😛

He who spares the rod…

KATY, Texas – At Current, A Christian Church in Katy, Sundays, lately, are about sex.

“There’s been a couple moments where it’s been really quiet, and I ask ‘how’s everybody doing, we all OK?’,” said Pastor Darren Walter.

Walter launched a six-part series, even moved in a big bed to drive home the point.

“It kind of gets peoples attention a little bit,” said Walter.

It’s called “Sex Was God’s Idea”, and it’s turning heads.

It’s not something usually talked about in church, but at Current, they’re doing it, it’s front and center, and people are responding to the message.

“We saw our largest attendance in church history with the exception of Easter,” said Walter.

Walter believes it’s because they’re talking about issues people care about, openly and honestly. Teaching people sex isn’t a bad thing.

It’s a church that’s sharing God’s message about a passionate human act using lessons rooted in the Bible.
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