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Man Who Filmed Execution Is Arrested, Saudi Outlets Say

Posted by doctore0 on January 19, 2015

Religion of peace…

BEIRUT, Lebanon — In a recent video from Saudi Arabia, three uniformed security officers and a professional swordsman in a white gown struggled to placate a woman cloaked in black and sitting in the street. A Saudi court had convicted her of murder, but she was proclaiming her innocence.

Then the officers stepped back, the swordsman took aim and the woman shrieked and fell silent as he struck her neck with his blade, three times in total. Medics wearing white gloves tended to the body, and the swordsman wiped his blade with a cloth.

The video was distributed by human rights activists and posted online after the execution in the city of Mecca on Jan. 12, shedding light on the way Saudi Arabia applies the death penalty.

On Sunday, Saudi news outlets reported that the authorities had arrested the man who had shot the video and planned to prosecute him. Although the reports did not specify what charges he faced, an Interior Ministry spokesman said such matters fell under the country’s law against cybercrimes
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Fucking monsters… arrgghhh

2 Responses to “Man Who Filmed Execution Is Arrested, Saudi Outlets Say”

  1. Mordanicus said

    Those are hypocrite. If you’re executing people in public, then why bothering that people are filming it? If they really want to keep this stuff secret, then they should execute in private. At least that did France in 1939, when a public execution was filmed.


  2. djnlsn said

    It would be prudent to suck their oil dry as quickly as possible and boot their pathetic asses back to the 12th century…..cept they already live there.


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