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App-makers make their case for texting on Shabbat

Posted by doctore0 on January 18, 2015

Why do people bother with this bs.. ohhhh religion 🙂

A new Android app is being created to allow observant Jews to use their smartphone during Shabbat without breaking Jewish law.

Since Orthodox Jews cannot use electricity over Shabbat, the app keeps the phone turned on the whole time, letting the user avoid the on/off switch. It also features a keyboard with pre-written words, so that the user does not have to worry about typing out words, which would break the rules.
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The app’s website attempts to explain what it calls misconceptions about the laws of Shabbat, from the issues of the touchscreen and the prohibition against creating fires, to the idea of building and finalizing a product on Shabbat.

For example, the app website claims its keypad — which uses a selection of 120 complete words (users may also input 30 custom words for use in the app) instead of individual letters — does not constitute writing on Shabbat, as it is defined by Jewish law. The app makers state Jewish law forbids creating a word, not taking existing words to form a sentence.

The app is controversial in the Orthodox community. Some rabbis and members of the community believe that the app violates the spirit of Jewish law, and that circumventing it in order to send texts on Shabbat is wrong.
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One Response to “App-makers make their case for texting on Shabbat”

  1. djnlsn said

    Good Grief!….have u heard about the new tire the Jews have invented?… not only stops on a dime….but, also picks it up!


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