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Capitol holiday displays approved, state includes Satanic Temple

Posted by doctore0 on December 4, 2014


SatanicTempleThe Satanic Temple will be allowed to join several other holiday displays in the Florida Capitol this year, after previously being denied access.

This week, the applications of five groups vying for space for their holiday displays, some supporting religions, some the absence of religion and some just to make a point, were approved by the Department of Management Services.

The Satanic Temple sought the help of legal counsel at the educational, non-partisan Americans United for Separation of Church and State in getting their display into the Capitol. The Washington D.C.-based group threatened a lawsuit against the state on the Temple’s behalf.

“Free speech is for everyone and all groups,” said the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, executive director of AUSCS, in a statement. “State officials simply can’t get into the business of deciding that some unpopular messages are ‘offensive’ and must be banned.”

The Temple’s diorama depicting an angel falling into a pit of fire and placards featuring two Bible verses was denied last year when DMS deemed it “grossly offensive.”
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