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Florida HS football player gets support after end zone prayer is flagged

Posted by doctore0 on November 4, 2014

Thank-you-JesusSenior Sam Turner took a knee in the end zone at Edison Stadium on Friday night, threw his hands up in the air, offered a prayer. Almost as soon as his knee hit the turf, an official flagged the play.

His words of praise earned a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Turner’s action — reminiscent of another more famous Florida football player — and that penalty has been drawing comment in Southwest Florida, mostly positive, for the past few days.

“There’s been tons of support from my family and friends,” the Fort Myers senior said Sunday. “They are proud of me that I stood firm in my faith.”

Turner said that he was only excited to have caught the first touchdown of his high school football career, a 27-yarder from QB Dylan DeGroot during the Green Wave’s game against Riverdale, and went down on one knee and pointed his finger skyward, uttering a prayer.

“I said ‘thank you, God, for this talent you’ve blessed me with,'”
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