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Calls for probe into creationist physics teacher

Posted by doctore0 on September 30, 2013

creationist-frogAdrian Smales says he was shocked when his daughter told him the assertion was made during an S3 physics class at Lasswade High School in Midlothian.

During a discussion on the Big Bang – the scientific theory explaining the origins of the universe – pupils were also said to have been told by teacher Leonard Rogers that people must stop putting their faith in things that cannot be proven.

When Smales complained to the school, a response from the ­headteacher confirmed that Rogers “did state he held strong creationist opinions to [the] class”.

Education chiefs launched an investigation earlier this month after it emerged that members of a US pro-creationist Christian ­religious sect, the West Mains Church of Christ, had been working as classroom assistants for eight years at Kirktonholme Primary in East Kilbride.

Smales said: “I have no problem if they discuss [creationism] as part of candid religious dialogue to say these are other views in the world. But in a physics class he is supposed to be teaching mainstream education. It is not based in true, verifiable fact, which is what you are supposed to teach at S3 level.”

When Smales, 44, a PhD researcher in biomedical informatics who formerly headed the Natural History Museum’s IT department, complained to the school earlier this month, he was sent a response by headteacher Alan Williamson.

The email, seen by the Sunday Herald, notes that “rather bizarrely Mr Rogers did state that he was a Christian and held strong creationist opinions to [the daughter’s] class”.
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