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Oklahoma mom faith healing

Posted by doctore0 on September 11, 2013

Religion kills…

4 Responses to “Oklahoma mom faith healing”

  1. Tammy Gardner said

    So, I definitely agree that this is nuts and so is this woman. However, where do we draw the line? I want freedom of religion in our country because otherwise I would be a hypocrite for asking people to accept my lack of belief. So, with that being said, who decides which part of each religion is acceptable or not? Jehovah’s Witnesses routinely decline to have blood given to themselves or family members in life and death situations and the hospital staff is trained to respect that decision. Many Amish families choose to use at-home remedies due to their beliefs. Should we prosecute them? What is your opinion?


  2. Wow. It took Herbert and Catherine Schiable two children before they were charged with murder. Looks like this is something we’re not going to accept anymore.


  3. Trip X said

    imaginary friends can’t help her now


  4. physalis17 said

    Oh boy, my state in the news again. I have seen these First Born churches out in the boonies. They are creepy windowless churches.


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