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Jesus vs Harry Potter

Posted by doctore0 on September 10, 2013

Scammer Bob Larson and family

JesusPotterThey’re stunning American teens with black belts in karate, and spend their weekends battling demons.

No, it’s not the plot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer – this wholesome trio are actually professional exorcists, and have come to London with a suitcase full of Bibles and Holy Water, intent on banishing the Capital’s dark forces.

Brynne Larson, 18, and sisters Tess and Savannah Scherkenback, aged 18 and 21, are determined to rescue London’s youngsters from evil spirits, which they say they are inviting to possess them by reciting the spells in the Harry Potter books.

The threesome, from Arizona, believe the spells in J.K. Rowling’s best-selling fantasy series are real, and dangerous.

In fact, they see Britain as a hotbed of occult activity whose origins go back to pagan times.

Savannah explains: ‘It has been centuries in the making, but I believe it came to a pinnacle with the Harry Potter books.’

‘The spells you are reading about are not made up,’ adds Tess. ‘They are real and come from witchcraft.’
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2 Responses to “Jesus vs Harry Potter”

  1. Mordanicus said

    A Dutch comedian made a joke about this in one of his shows: he said he had written some thing in his own book; so when someone stated “it is written,” he said “but in my book is written something else”.


  2. doctore0 said

    The stupid it burns


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