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Jesus the black homosexual lesbian, transgender pansexual

Posted by doctore0 on August 12, 2013

Mass at the national church here in Iceland..
Needless to say that Christians aren’t happy at all, most people are like WTF 🙂

Google translate

If Jesus was real and alive today.. he would look something like this

If Jesus was real and alive today.. he would look something like this

Pastor Sigrid is of the opinion that the interpretation of the Bible needs to be adjusted in line with changing social conditions. “The interpretation of change from one century to another and sometimes religious people also disagree as expressed in the pages of the holy book. We take the position that we think is outdated values ​​of old time and what it is that we believe have stood the test of time better. ”

Later in his sermon called Sigrid homophobia sin. “Homophobia is structural sin. Because of Homophobia the young man is sitting in jail in Cameroon and is serving a three year sentence in horrific conditions for the sake of being gay. His name is Jean-Claude Roger Mbede and Amnesty Association has recently sent out a call to the world, to redeem him from jail, “says Sigrid, encouraging people to sign an invocation.

“Bífóbía is structural sin. Her live bisexual individuals because of prejudice from both homosexual and heterosexual individuals. Trans homophobia is structural sin. For her walk transexúal and transgender individuals through the fire of prejudice and humiliated in almost all public communities. And we are barely beginning to discuss the situation of those who are intersex individuals, special and precious, created in God’s image. ”
He’s gay and lesbian

Sigrid says struggle queer people and their stories of adversity in the past and present of great value. “And they can be mirrored in the life-cycle processes and cross solution’s the same way we must paint the picture of Christ on the cross, the woman, the black Christ and Christ crucified in a wheelchair.

In this sense he is gay.
Jesus is a woman.
Jesus is a lesbian.
Jesus is a transgender individual.
Jesus is intersex.
Jesus is transsexúal, heterosexuals, asexual and pansexúal
and if we are to face the heterosexual world and the church plan
we need to read life from below and from the outside.
Because the Word became flesh
and the flesh is diverse, confusing, vibrant and strong. ”

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