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Religious Symbol To Be Placed At Ohio Capital

Posted by doctore0 on July 26, 2013

“To align the State of Ohio with one religion and its sacred symbol— even a minority religion for a worthy memorial— would dishonour the truest protection our country has against a similar Holocaust on our shores: the precious constitutional principle separating religion from government. Had there been a separation between religion and state honoured and enforced in Germany, ensuring the government could not favour the dominant religion and persecute and scapegoat minority religions and other ‘dissidents,’ there would not have been a Holocaust.”

One Response to “Religious Symbol To Be Placed At Ohio Capital”

  1. Michael Clarke said

    There is absolutely NO law separating church from state….That language appears NOWHERE in Our US Constitution, our Bill of Rights, or in any of the amendments, which have legally been made to the US Constitution….


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