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Comedian raises $100k for Oklahoma atheist

Posted by doctore0 on June 3, 2013

Rebecca Vitsmun made headlines around the world last week when CNN’s Wolf Blitzer was caught off guard on live TV by the victim of the recent Moore, Oklahoma tornado. Blitzer asked Vitsmun if she thanked “the Lord” for being spared in the storm, only for the woman to respond, “I’m actually an atheist.” Blitzer was taken aback, but not Doug Stanhope — an award-winning stand-up comedian and ‘devout’ atheist in his own right. Stanhope started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for Vitsmun and her family and has so far managed to bring in over $100,000 — well past his $50,000 goal — as part of his “Atheists Unite” effort

No thanks to the lard 🙂

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