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Belief in Biblical End Times Stops Climate Change Action

Posted by doctore0 on May 5, 2013

“The United States has failed to take action to mitigate climate change thanks in part to the large number of religious Americans who believe the world has a set expiration date…

Research by David C. Barker of the University of Pittsburgh and David H. Bearce of the University of Colorado uncovered that belief in the biblical end-times was a motivating factor behind resistance to curbing climate change.”*

A recent study has found that a belief in a biblical end of days is what’s holding many of the religious back on wanting to stop climate change– if you thought natural resources were a gift and that someone would just return to earth and fix our problems, would you?
Je$u$ is coming muhhaaa

One Response to “Belief in Biblical End Times Stops Climate Change Action”

  1. Mordanicus said

    Yeah, as you believe will die before you are running out of your savings, why not spend as much as you can? Of course the early christians believed that the end of the world would be during their lives and they were wrong. Even if you believe that the end time is near, it is still better to care about the long term in case your wrong. However, christians are unable to contemplate the possiibility they are wrong, whilst they will as atheists whether they can deal with the possibility of being wrong.


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