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Pastor Convicted of Raping Disabled Woman

Posted by doctore0 on January 10, 2013

P.S. And if Gawd is real, he is guilty too, as he is supposedly Omniscient and stuff. Hence he knew this was going to happen and did nothing

2 Responses to “Pastor Convicted of Raping Disabled Woman”

  1. Kimberly said

    God has always been so ever kind in allowing us to have freewill. Because people have freewill, God has hoped that we would use it for good, but people also CHOOSE bad. If he’s not going to intercede on the good, He’s not going to intercede on the bad. He promised us freewill and that’s what we get. It’s things like this or the CT shootings that should bring us closer to God, but ignorance continues to separate us from Him. Quite blaming God and start blaming ever failing humans and sin. God is a just God and if he wasn’t… we would all be dead. Because sin is sin which makes lying just as bad as killing and adultery. But instead of killing off people when they lie, or kill, or commit adultery, He instead still loves us and wants us to choose good. Open your eyes and realize the evil in the world and the only thing that can give us peace in a world of suffering. Jesus Christ.


    • doctore0 said

      There is no free will! Your brain is making decisions even before you become aware of it
      You could get some .. brain-tumor and go out and kill many people.

      Also god is supposed to know everything, he knew his design would fail before he designed it… still he went on with a failed design, killed nearly all living things in Noah’s flood.. then went on with the same failed design that just keeps on failing :).

      There is no god Kimberly, gods are man made. In the “beginning” man created religion(s)(gods) And man saw that religion/gawd was good.. for war/slavery; And man said: Let there be fight


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