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O’Reilly Blames Gays, Abortion,Pot For The ‘War On Christmas’

Posted by doctore0 on December 10, 2012

“Fox News really doesn’t seem to have anything better to do in December than continue to manufacture the silly “War on Christmas” and then take real umbrage to the fake campaign. Despite Jon Stewart’s epic dismantling earlier this week, Bill O’Reilly continues his reverse-crusade, and now he’s implicating women and LGBT people in the process. Last night, he and Bernard McGuirk, executive producer of Imus in the Morning, revealed that they actually believe there’s a war against Christianity that’s being led by champions of the right to choose and LGBT equality.”*

One Response to “O’Reilly Blames Gays, Abortion,Pot For The ‘War On Christmas’”

  1. djnlsn said

    This is stupid. Amerikaners seem content upon having a war with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Doesn’t really matter. Truman started this shit and Reagan took it to the next level. Yeah…..all of our jobs have headed to China. Whose fault might that be??


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