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Bishop hints at possibility of pedophile ring

Posted by doctore0 on November 14, 2012

Hints??? The catholic church is the largest pedophile ring in the world..

THE Catholic Bishop of Newcastle, whose northern NSW diocese has allegedly experienced some of the worst child sex abuse, said it was possible a pedophile ring once existed among its clergy.

Bishop Bill Wright said his staff had “tried to join the dots” between individual abusive priests.

“One priest who was abusing someone was in a parish next to another priest who turned out to be an abuser. Or one known abuser contributing funds to the defence of another known abuser,” Bishop Wright said.

“We’ve not exactly been able to join those dots. What we haven’t got is evidence of them passing victims around, what you would call a ring. It’s possible.”

The Maitland-Newcastle diocese has paid out at least $15 million in settlements to more than 100 victims, while unofficial estimates put the total number of victims at hundreds more.

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At least two of its priests have been convicted for serial pedophile abuse, with at least one more now on trial. The former vicar-general, Tom Brennan, died this year while facing charges of child abuse and covering up abuse committed by another priest.

Some of this historic abuse took place with the knowledge of other senior clergy, Bishop Wright said.

These officials sent the alleged perpetrators for medical treatment, moved them between parishes or lost track of where they were living, without reporting their alleged crimes to police.
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After they rape our children they confess to each other.. BOOM 10 hail Mary’s and they are ready to rape again

Submit your children or burn.. Je$u$ loves you Ugga Bugga Amen Hellelujah

CARDINAL George Pell says priests who hear confessions from colleagues who commit child sex abuse should remain bound by the Seal of Confession.

Addressing the media in Sydney in relation to the royal commission into child sex abuse, Cardinal Pell explained church protocol for priests who confess to child sex abuse to another priest.

“If that is done outside the confessional (it can be passed on),” he said.

“(But) the Seal of Confession is inviolable.”

He said priests should avoid hearing confession from colleagues suspected of committing child sex abuse to avoid being bound by the Seal of Confession.
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And gawd did nothing… because gawd does not exist!

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