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Ontario Catholic schools challenge in court

Posted by doctore0 on October 19, 2012

Putting education in the hands of religious cults(All religions are cults), that is crazy

A Toronto woman challenging Ontario’s separate school system says Catholic schools enjoy a privileged and unconstitutional “special right” not afforded to any other religious group – something she finds problematic as a non-Catholic taxpayer.

Reva Landau, a non-practicing lawyer, began presenting her arguments at Ontario’s Superior Court Oct 17. She says the government should stop funding Catholic secondary schools and Catholic elementary schools should be reduced to the funding levels they were entitled to in 1867.

All Ontario taxpayers currently contribute to Catholic education. Landau says she disagrees with many Catholic teachings — such as the church’s position on gay rights — and she thinks forcing taxpayers to pay for this violates the fundamental equality rights of non-Catholics.

“Someone who is Buddhist or Muslim or Jewish or Atheist who wants to send their child to school that promotes their particular philosophies has to pay for it out of their own pocket,” she says. “Only Roman Catholics get to send their children to a school that promotes their philosophy without paying. In a multicultural society, does that seem fair? Is that just?

“Part of my argument is that I, as a non-Catholic, am funding a system that has views on abortion, the rights of gays to marry and contraception that I don’t agree with, and I am forced to pay for it.”
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