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11 year old banned from Scouts for not believing in God

Posted by doctore0 on October 18, 2012

Cute, the kid thinks atheism is a religion.. Damn it boy 😉

George Pratt, 11, who has been refused entry to the Scouts because he is an atheist and will not swear allegiance to God. George had been been going to Scouts for ten months and was delighted when they asked him to invest in the group. However, this meant the schoolboy would have to promise his duty to God and the Queen – and he doesn’t believe in an almighty. As a result the Scouts has banned George from attending, to the anger of dad Nick, who claims the Christian organisation should include people with other beliefs.

Maybe they want religious kids only in the Scouts, more easy to abuse them eh

4 Responses to “11 year old banned from Scouts for not believing in God”

  1. He kind of looks like a young Hitch. Awww! Good for him for sticking to his guns!


  2. Dave said

    As explained to me by many a Brit in my travels, the Queen and the institution she represents bring many tourist dollars into the country. A benign presence, at worst. Gawd does fulfill the same function in the deep South tho’ any requirement as to pledging allegiance to either is certainly absurd. The kid does resemble a young Hitch.


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