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Atheists Ripped By Fox News Over Cross At 9/11 Memorial

Posted by doctore0 on August 27, 2012

Christians adding insult to injury. Say, what if we nail Muhammad-statue to the cross.. hmmm

6 Responses to “Atheists Ripped By Fox News Over Cross At 9/11 Memorial”

  1. Turning a tragedy in to a political issue is what is disrespectful to the dead–not a cross.


    • doctore0 said

      It is insulting to put this christian symbol up.. We should have something that unites us all as brothers and sisters.. not something that sets us apart more than anything else, religion.


      • It’s only insulting, offensive, and alienating to you when you choose to make it that way.

        Not that long ago, Christians and non-Christians alike openly participated in celebrating Christmas because it brought people together. Many atheists admit to celebrating Christmas because it encourages being with family, sharing, giving, joy, peace–and because they enjoy the Christmas traditions and festivities. Now, it’s almost taboo to say “Christmas” instead of “holidays,” lest you be labeled a Christian bigot. And placing Christmas decorations in a mall or town square may get you lynched–or at least a lawsuit.


      • doctore0 said

        Actually Pagan/Yule/Solstice celebrations were in place long before anyone celebrated “Christmas” Most Christian celebrations were put on top of older celebrations, hijacked them.Even your Christmas-tree/decorations are stolen… and banned in the bible 🙂 (Look it up)
        It’s not your private celebration


      • It’s not a “private celebration.” As I had mentioned, Christians and non-Christians alike celebrate Christmas. And yes, they call it, “Christmas,” not Yule/Solstice celebrations (so speak to them about it).

        Why attack the positive? Why not focus on fighting real examples of hatred and negativity instead of trying to eradicated a country’s positive traditions?


  2. edit: “eradicate”


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