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Paul Ryan Still Believes in Forcing Rape Victims to Give Birth to Their Rapists’ Children

Posted by doctore0 on August 22, 2012


6 Responses to “Paul Ryan Still Believes in Forcing Rape Victims to Give Birth to Their Rapists’ Children”

  1. Dave said

    The kooky Republisaurs are only getting kookier. That this particular hobnob has been elevated to running-mate is proof of that. Another Sarah Palin, by golly! Jimminy Cricket! That this GOP still preys upon ‘yer average Amerikan idiot’, for votes, is well beyond the pale. Their strategy reminds me of Cpt. Bligh….” Mutiny on……” as he ( Humphrey Bogart ) rolls the little metal balls in his hand while explaining he’s really not out of his mind. And we empathize! ‘Extinction’ is the only solution for this lot. That they’re still around, courtesy of big-interest intent upon maintaining the middle-class slave-market, is obscene. ‘Religion’ plays a major role in their game-plan. If we rid ourselves of that, we rid ourselves of them.

    ps…..Doc….staring at the midnight sun too long can not only damage your eyes, but it also causes the “Coming up with Silly Words” syndrome. Be careful, my friend. 😀


    • doctore0 said

      They say if you stare into the midnight sun.. you will see “virgin” Mary… let me check it out tonight 😉


      • Dave said

        Go right ahead. Awaiting your report. Doc…your blog is one of the few ‘ pit-stops of sanity’ we have left. Don’t mess it up with some Nordic superstition stuff. . Peace. 😀


  2. Dave said

    Sorry…..what,’ yours truly’, Mr. Yakkety-Yak actually meant to say………’religion’ and it’s biases are well at work trying to destroy the planet. It’s nothing new…been going on for millenia. It’s believers cause turmoil, death, hatred, child-abuse, gay-bashing, femme persecution, beheading and every other manner of obscenity any of us might be able to imagine. Could there really be a Satan? Sure there is, if the human-condition is any example……but, sheeples, just pay Je$u$, donation jar, and he’ll look after it. Hasn’t done a whole lot, so far.


  3. Dave said

    Ooooh……the Bible……scariest faery-tale ever written. Yet….so many pay attention?


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