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Pedophile priest may have abused 80

Posted by doctore0 on August 16, 2012

And gawd did nothing .. it’s like there is no god eh.. or it is not worth worshiping.

Forgive us.. Je$u$ loves you Ugga Bugga Amen

A CATHOLIC priest may have abused up to 80 young girls in a lifetime of assaults dating back to the 1950s, according to evidence collected by church officials who, for decades, failed to report the alleged offences to police.

Church records confirm the existence of about 20 alleged victims of the former priest, Denis McAlinden, and contain anecdotal evidence that there may have been up to 60 more.

The late John Toohey, then bishop of Maitland, in the NSW Hunter Valley, spoke to McAlinden about the allegations in 1956, but it is understood the diocese did not officially contact the police until 2003.

Other alleged victims — from Western Australia, South Australia and NSW — have recently contacted detectives investigating what police describe as “alleged cover-ups by current and former serving senior members of the Catholic Church” relating to McAlinden.

These include “Maggie”, who told police she was abused by McAlinden as a nine or 10-year-old, when he was parish priest in a small Pilbara town.

Maggie, who asked not to be named, said she was abused in 1982: twice in the town church and once when McAlinden took a group of schoolgirls on a trip to the beach. “He pulled me in close, and put his hands up . . . and digitally intruded,” she said. “It’s been an influence over my entire life.

“I’ve been married and divorced twice, involved in drugs. All sorts of ups and downs. You’re never really living a true life. You’ve always got this feeling in the back of your head that someone’s going to betray you.”
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