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Kentucky GOP lawmakers say ACT exam treats evolution as fact, ignores creationism

Posted by doctore0 on August 16, 2012

Uhh Evolution is FACT, Creationism is bs myth.. built on madness and lack of knowledge; The people in the olden days had excuse for believing this bs, people in 2012 haven no excuse for believing in Creationism… well, maybe brain-damage 🙂

FRANKFORT, KY. — Some Kentucky lawmakers have expressed concerns about how evolution is taught to high school biology students.

The issue was brought up during a meeting of the Interim Committee on Education in Frankfort.

The Independent and the Lexington Herald-Leader report that some Republican lawmakers took issue with questions on an end-of-course biology exam that they said seems to require the teaching of evolution as a fact instead of a theory.

ACT Educational Services vice president Ginger Hopkins said the test is designed to measure whether high school students are ready for college-level work. She said the questions are based on what college professors say students need to know.

The tests are part of new requirements from a 2009 bill to push Kentucky testing program to national standards for better comparisons of student success.

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