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Catholic priest chased boy down street after abuse

Posted by doctore0 on August 15, 2012

Pedo cult strikes again…flock of sheep support pastor…

Perez, who has served as pastor of Saint Luke Catholic Church since 2008, was placed on paid administrative leave by the Archdiocese of Portland.

According to documents filed by Woodburn police, Perez and the alleged victim attended a church party Sunday night before returning to Perez’s Woodburn home, where the victim was to spend the night.

Perez gave the victim a beer, and they watched a movie before the victim fell asleep on an air mattress in Perez’s living room. The victim told police he awoke early Monday morning to find Perez, naked from the waist down, touching the victim’s genitals and snapping pictures with a cell phone.

The boy got up and fled the house, the affidavit reads. While running down the street, he turned around to see Perez chasing him in his underwear. He told investigators he eventually found some people standing in a driveway and asked them for help, at which point he turned around and found Perez was gone. One of the people then drove him to his sister’s Woodburn home.

At 2 a.m. that same morning, Perez allegedly showed up at the victim’s Salem home and spoke with his brother. The victim’s brother told investigators that Perez smelled of alcohol as he repeatedly apologized and begged for forgiveness. He also offered to have the family look at his cell phone, which they refused, the court documents state.

2 Responses to “Catholic priest chased boy down street after abuse”

  1. Dave said

    ‘Paid leave’ for a pedophile arrested and denied bond. What other business, in the world, would do that?


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