Turtles all the way down

CNN: Where was God in Aurora?

Posted by doctore0 on July 31, 2012

Where was the magic man.. Is it not obvious we are alone in the mess and the mass.. just us + some freaks huh

3 Responses to “CNN: Where was God in Aurora?”

  1. Rich said

    The video doesn’t show in the US.
    For US residents:


  2. Dave said

    ‘ Gawd is My Aspirin’……guaranteed to prevent all manner of ills. Heart disease being one. It doesn’t do a whole lot once you have a bullet lodged there. As one always delighted at the prospect of enlightenment, I’m still confounded. Not enough aspirins…..I suppose? That anyone, of any intellectual substance, might believe that Aurora is the wish of Mr. 3-in-1, for any purpose, is beyond me. Of course……they’re all addicted to NASCAR events…eagerly anticipating a big smash-up….and a death by some participant….the Amerikan way. Hug a soldier today.. they’re committed to protecting the poppy fields…and hence…your freedom!


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