Turtles all the way down

Only Christian Victims Of Colorado Shooting Going To Heaven, Says Evangelical Leader

Posted by doctore0 on July 24, 2012

Tragedy = Free advertizing space for religions.. fucking vultures; I’d rather be tortured forever than worship your stupid magic man

3 Responses to “Only Christian Victims Of Colorado Shooting Going To Heaven, Says Evangelical Leader”

  1. Dave said

    Dude….you just don’t get it. Sky Daddy is ultimately in charge. We’re abeyant ( is that a word ?) to his wishes?

    Doc….I have a personal favor to ask of you. There’s a certain friend who insists she can research anything. I proposed that she wouldn’t be able to comprehend the Icelandic language.( I know……Brainman learned it in one week.)
    She’s an uppity sort and I mentioned that she couldn’t interpret/research it. Could you send me a joke in the language?.If so….dang!…you are powerful! I hope this comment doesn’t reside on your website. But….any to my aims of getting laid, would be appreciated!

    ps…..Aurora is all over the news. All they’re doing is encouraging future nutbars to reach for their 15 minutes. Amerika……sadness abounds.



    • doctore0 said

      Since Gawd knew this was going to happen.. and did nothing, that makes him guilty eh.. (There is no god 🙂 )

      Joke in Icelandic… has to be about Jesus 😀

      Jón var niðri í bæ og gekk illa að finna bílastæði. Jón var trúaður og leit til himins og sagði: “Góði Guð, hjálpaðu mér núna. Ef þú finnur fyrir mig bílastæði skal ég fara í messu á hverjum sunnudegi það sem eftir er, ég skal hætta að drekka.”

      Skyndilega, eins og fyrir kraftaverk, birtist bílastæði beint fyrir framan Jón. Hann lítur til himins og segir: “gleymdu þessu. Fann stæði!”

      Google translate it


      • Dave said

        Muchas Gracias Doc!! She’s actually workin’ on it!? Puzzles me that Gawd might come up with different languages to confound his flock, put them at odds….er….communicable disarray? Of course…..HE may have a higher porpoise. I do speak Fwench, but only when tortured or hog-tied. If you’d like to live a Stephen King novel….take a drive through Quebec one day. Them folks is…..well…..Fwench types. You have to be able to speak the lingo, as well, or you’ll encounter nothing but zombie-esque blank stares…. and…. you may run the risk of being boinked on the noggin by one of those 5 lb. crosses they all carry around their neck.
        Speaking of which. During my incareserration I ordered from the commissary. Aside from the $10 chocolate bars you could also order plastic juju beads with a cross attached. Big sellers! ( they constantly fingered them…..ugh! ) Out of 50 guys in my dorm, only 3 of us didn’t have them. Well…..this agnostic got sprung and I know the rest are still there. Not enough prayin’ I suppose! 😀


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