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Mormons look within to explain why members are leaving “in droves”

Posted by doctore0 on June 20, 2012

Im saying it’s because religion is obviously insane crazy stuff.. HELLo!

The nation is having something of a “Mormon Moment.” It is evident in unprecedented scrutiny of Mormon beliefs stemming from Mitt Romney’s candidacy, the rise of social media, and a popular Broadway show and television programs. But largely overlooked is the growing refor

This year, Elder Marlin Jensen, the Mormon Church’s outgoing official historian, acknowledged that members are defecting from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints “in droves” and that the pace is increasing.

This poses a particular dilemma for a hierarchical church that was historically isolated like no other. Church leaders can crack down and continue to see members, especially young people, leave. Or they can allow church-wide dialogue and changes relating to the church’s historical and doctrinal claims, financial dealings, proselytizing and treatment of women, skeptics and outsiders.

The unofficial dialogue is already widespread. Groups such as Mormon Stories, Post-Mormon Community and the ExMormon Foundation offer support for questioning and for former Mormons who in the past faced ostracism. These communities are a welcome development that was impossible before the Internet. In March, a group of unorthodox Mormons released a survey of more than 3,000 questioning or former LDS members illustrating reasons for their alienation.
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