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Pensioner vows to defy police advice and display poster labelling religions as ‘fairy stories’

Posted by doctore0 on June 18, 2012

The old man speaks/writes the truth 🙂 Seriously, why would the police bother.. shrug

A DEFIANT pensioner is planning to stand up for his beliefs by putting an atheist poster in his front window – even though police have advised him not to.

John Richards was told by officers that he may face arrest if he put up the sign at his Vauxhall Road home, as it could breach the Public Order Act by distressing passers by.

But Mr Richards has decided to stand up for his beliefs, and stick the poster up, saying that such action implies a threat to free speech.

The sign states ‘religions are fairy stories for adults’.

He told The Standard: “The police said I could be arrested if somebody complained and said they were insulted, but the sign was up two years ago and nobody responded or smashed the window.

“I am an atheist and I feel people are being misled by religion. I wanted to show people that if they thought they were alone there was at least one other person who thought that.

Read more + pic of mega offensive “poster”

6 Responses to “Pensioner vows to defy police advice and display poster labelling religions as ‘fairy stories’”

  1. As you would say, he needs to keep his preaching and ideologies to himself–in the privacy of his own home.


    • doctore0 said

      Comon, one tiny paper in his window 🙂


      • Nope. Just as a little cross or Bible passage in the window would be offensive to you as a patron, so would his preaching offend others.


      • doctore0 said

        Uhh I have crosses, angel statues, the bible + some other religious items right here in my home. The wings broke off one angel during an earthquake.. so it’s just a man now 😉


      • As an atheist, why do you have a collection of crosses, angels, and the Bible, may I ask?


      • doctore0 said

        This stuff creeps upon you when you live in cultural/christian society, my kids got the bibles at school.
        I’m no fanatic, my wife(cultural catholic) likes the statues.. and I sometimes peek in the bible 🙂


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