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Did Fabrice Muamba suffer brain damage?

Posted by doctore0 on April 23, 2012

Like, doctors working around the clock saving his ass.. and here he is giving credit to some magic man in the sky + people mumbling Abracadabra spell-casting to themselves … Like, everyday some ~30 thousand children die from starvation etc; They pray, the parents pray.. people are praying all over the world.. but nothing happens; Then doctors help some celebrity; or any random healing blah, Ugga Bugga Amen, magic man and spell-casting works, life after death in luxury..subscribe to xianity or burn Helleluja; It’s brain-damage alright!!
Next time, use only prayers…!

His heart stopped beating naturally for 78 minutes after he collapsed during Bolton’s FA Cup quarter-final at Tottenham on March 17 but was fit enough to walk out of hospital just a month after the ordeal.

Muamba, 24, said he asked God to protect him before the cup clash, which was abandoned after his collapse. Some one up there was watching over me.

What happened to me was really more than a miracle.

“On the morning of the game I prayed with my father and asked God to protect me – and he didn’t let me down.

“I am walking proof of the power of prayer. For 78 minutes I was dead and even if I lived was expected to have suffered brain damage.
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