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Atheist threatens human rights complaint after Saskatoon councillor’s dinner blessing

Posted by doctore0 on April 23, 2012

Fucking embarrassing.. all this abracadabra bs eh

SASKATOON — A Christian prayer by a city councillor at a City of Saskatoon volunteer appreciation dinner discriminated against non-Christians, says a volunteer who intends to complain to the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission.

Ashu Solo, a member of the city’s cultural diversity and race relations committee, was among the guests at the dinner Wednesday, where Coun. Randy Donauer said a blessing over the food in which he mentioned Jesus and ended with “amen.”

“It made me feel like a second-class citizen. It makes you feel excluded,” said Solo, who is an atheist.

“It’s ironic that I’ve now become a victim of religious bigotry and discrimination at this banquet that was supposed to be an appreciation banquet for the service of volunteers like me.”
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10 Responses to “Atheist threatens human rights complaint after Saskatoon councillor’s dinner blessing”

  1. The embarrassing part is that Han Solo decided to find fault with something he knows was meant to be positive and inclusive. I’ve been to gatherings where people of beliefs different from mine came together to give thanks and it was a positive experience–I didn’t whine about feeling excluded or alienated because I was clearly included in this gathering despite differing beliefs. It also disgusts me that he is trying to infringe on the RIGHTS OF OTHERS to practice their religious beliefs simply because it OFFENDS him. His bigotry should not infringe on a man’s right to give thanks to God before he eats.


  2. Han Solo is so close minded. He uses dollar bills where a quote says “In God We Trust” to survive everyday of his life. A country that was established by forefathers who always believed in a God, and not just any other God but the Christian God and where historical land marks of the country always included the existence of God within etched on its side or on top. The founders of the USA were not atheist and rooted its laws from such a belief. Now why should an Atheist be discriminated by a prayer? Because he does not have his own holidays? Because his life is absent from prayers and that others do?

    The councilor who prayed according to his belief for everybody is much of his right in the country as Han Solo simply respecting such and maintain his composure of not believing in such a prayer to a God he does not believe in.

    He should be offended if someone swears on him rather than praise him with a prayer offered to God. Besides, he doesn’t have a “10 Commandments” where one of those says he sins if he respects someone praying for him.


    • doctore0 said

      Ok, if religious people get to praise/pray and do magic rituals at public meeting and such; I say atheist have the same right in saying and telling about the scam that is religion at the same meetings; We should stand up whenever someone praises some deity ritual at public meetings takes place…

      But, we should all take offense when people take PRIVATE matter like religion and plaster it over anything and anyone; People that do this.. they are the problem.. even the bible says this is out of bounds.. praying like hypocrites all over the place.
      Respect thy neighbor


      • I don’t know with you, but the article we have just read was that a councilor prayed in praise and thanks of all the people who have done good service. His prayer never contained curses against Atheism but was highly in respect for those who have done service. Therefore, I do not see the point of your explanation. Atheism also took private matters and shouted them into the streets which is considered immoral to religious citizens.

        I only believe that religious freedom is one of the very basic of the USA’s 1st Amendment, yet Atheism sees it as an offense against them. I am not an American but I obviously am aware how the founding Fathers have stood up for the country and respected the very Faith they held on that made USA a great nation. I am just wondering why every Atheist still enjoy using money with the popular mark that says “In God We Trust” and is not discriminated by it. Such dollar was consistently printed since the time the USA began.


      • doctore0 said

        What if they were praising Allah, Muhammad.. You want to sit there at public events whilst people are engaging in religious rituals…
        The main problem with religious people is that they consider their religious freedom as a privilege, special permissions; It is offensive for me sitting there having to listen to that, just as it would be offensive to the religious people if I had anti-religious rituals at the same meetings, or other religions were doing the same….
        So keep religion personal… at home/church


      • The question really is…”Are prayers being conducted by religious people telling scams against Atheism as they pray?” I guess not.

        Your reasons are blunt my friend. Prayers are done by those who believe in the existence of a God and was not intended to attack Atheism in anyway. Your intentionas are outright out of line just because you don’t have anything such as “prayer” in your vocabulary.

        As for Islam, well, I respect them in their way of believing and I will be grateful that they pray for me in their own way even though I may not agree with them in many ways. I live in Indonesia and I live harmoniously with people here no matter what belief they have and we do respect each other as to how we pray. Only Atheism finds it offensive in some way when they are being prayed for according to a respective belief. Yet Atheism finds it okay to swear negatively to religion as okay.

        And by the way, if you don’t believe in prayer, just be happy they thank you in their own special way. Why find it offensive?

        God bless!


  3. “What if they were praising Allah, Muhammad.. You want to sit there at public events whilst people are engaging in religious rituals…”

    Yes, if he was simply giving thanks before eating, I would have no problem with that. I would also be able give thanks to God during that time. An atheist would be free not to say anything at all and just eat. The only rights that are not being respected are of this Christian’s right to practice his belief.


  4. “The main problem with religious people is that they consider their religious freedom as a privilege, special permissions; It is offensive for me sitting there having to listen to that”

    No, I consider religious freedom–along with all my other freedoms–to be a God-given right, not a “privilege” granted to my by my government. I was born with these freedoms; if look to the State to grant me my freedoms and “privileges” as they see fit, then I am truly nothing more than a slave.

    And if your bigotry means that seeing others engage in prayer or other religious practices is “offensive” to you, then that is your problem, not mine or anyone else’s.


    • doctore0 said

      Hey.. keep your PRIVATE matters PRIVATE; Religion is a PRIVATE thing.. Religious freedom also means Freedom FROM religion. Show some respect for others and keep your religion where it belongs!
      You want atheists to come to your church and … well you know.



      • I don’t think so. This is not Statlinist Russia where people had to HIDE their religious practices. If people can protest in public, have parades in public, and do anything else that is not harming anyone, then how dare you try to selectively suppress the activities of certain people?


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