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Catholic Church Reportedly Castrated Young Boys To “Cure” Their Homosexuality

Posted by doctore0 on March 19, 2012

Arrrgggghhhhh bastards.. damn this makes me so ANGRY

Government inspectors were aware that minors were being castrated while being looked after in Catholic-run psychiatric institutions, local paper the Limburger reported on Monday.

The NRC reported on Saturday at least one boy under the age of 16 was castrated to ‘help’ his homosexual feelings while in Catholic church care in the 1950s.

Minutes of meetings held in the 1950s show inspectors were present when the castrations were openly discussed, the Limburger said. The minutes also showed directors of the institutions did not think parents needed to be involved in the decision-making process when minors were involved.


But there are indications at least 10 other boys were also castrated, the NRC reported on Saturday. The claims were not included in the Deetman report on sexual abuse within the Catholic church which was published at the end of last year.

The paper says the one confirmed case concerned a boy – Henk Heithuis – who reported being sexually abused by priests to the police in 1956. After giving evidence, he was placed in a Catholic-run psychiatric institution where he was then castrated because of his ‘homosexual behaviour’.
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One Response to “Catholic Church Reportedly Castrated Young Boys To “Cure” Their Homosexuality”

  1. Dave said

    Insane criminals. What to do? “Catholic-run psychiatric institution?” I call that a church in these parts. Is it Teddy-bomb time, folks?

    Absolutely unbelievable, that otherwise sane, normal human beings would support such an outfit. Is humanity that terrified of death they’ll tolerate any obscenity in the name of securing their imaginary ‘afterlife’? That damn Pope and his entire cru have to go should humanity ever have the slightest hope of moving forward. Sure, technology marches on and those of us who can afford it benefit from it. But….what of those starving people, children who faithfully adhere to the doctrines of this international crapmeister and believe that breeding like bunnies is the will of God?

    Were any candidate in this country capable of mustering the cajones to question this crap, ( yes, a local priest is now under suspicion for….guess what? Innocent ’til proven guilty…right! ) I’d be pounding the pavement 24/7 on his/her behalf. Problem here is…..too many guns in the hands of too many fruitloops. Scary. 😦


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