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Pagan mom challenges Bible giveaway at North Carolina school

Posted by doctore0 on January 19, 2012

If one magic book is allowed, all magic books must be allowed

WEAVERVILLE, N.C. — A North Carolina mother says her son’s school is refusing books supportive of her pagan beliefs after last month offering Bibles.

Buncombe County school officials are not accepting donations that could be viewed as advocating a religion while attorneys review policies.

Ginger Strivelli says that’s a change that blocks her from donating books affirming her pagan beliefs to her son’s North Windy Ridge school in Weaverville. Strivelli says the school’s principal had said she would handle all donated religious books in the same way as the donated Bibles made available to children who wanted them.

Strivelli says her fifth-grade son felt peer pressure to collect the Bible he brought home.

She says if schools allow one religion a place in schools they should be open to all religions.


2 Responses to “Pagan mom challenges Bible giveaway at North Carolina school”

  1. Dave said

    Very accurate clip. Detroit is the quintessential armpit of North America. Been there twice. Been mugged twice. The American empire in total decline. These people have nothing left but to pray, and if it brings them any comfort…let ’em go at it.


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