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Atheist Display Space Puts Squeeze on Santa Monica Nativity Scenes

Posted by doctore0 on December 10, 2011

There is a lesson to be learned here christians 🙂

14 Responses to “Atheist Display Space Puts Squeeze on Santa Monica Nativity Scenes”

  1. How sad, 18 spots going blank and a Christmas tradition trashed for crappy signs making a political point. Obviously if religious life is given space in the public square there should be space for atheists and the like but this is an example of the rights of a tiny minority not being protected but trampling on the rights of the majority. I liked the myth poster but just letting space go empty so folks can’t put up a nativity is malicious and not only is going to win you any friends but gives argument to the Christians acting like a persecuted minority when they are clearly a majority steeped in privilege and used to having their own way.


    • doctore0 said

      Hey, keep your religion/idols for yourself, its so simple. What would christians do if say Muslims started to do this also; Pretty much the same as atheists and non-christians feel about their stuff. So, keep it at home, at church. Away from public grounds; Problem solved.


      • Just because Christians don’t like Muslim stuff doesn’t deny them the right to the public square. Your seeping ban on all things religious impoverishes us as a community of our cultural opportunities. There ought to be another way to make public spaces safe for everyone without sanitizing out religion. If you want to compete how about something festive for can we agree the end of the year when at least in the Northern Hemisphere the days grow short and people need bucking up for the long dark nights ahead. If you organize yourself as constantly against something it makes me wonder how much depth there is in your belief. I love Humanists, I love people who are enraptured by the Big Bang and the scope of the Universe. How about being a proponent of a positive vision that can compete evenly in the court of public ideas. For God’s sake you have the truth as science understands it on your side do you have to stoop to the zealot’s level just because they have some historical inertia behind them?


  2. doctore0 said

    You have to realize the christian message is just as offensive, even more so than the one you are complaining about.
    Besides, they had a lottery for the space(cool), atheist won fair and square.

    Lesson learned; Lets have generic decorations on public ground.. if that’s unacceptable for Christians.. then lets have none at all


  3. Dave said

    Wow. There’s nothing more that needs ‘sanitizing’ than religious types. First, keep your hands out of our pockets. The ‘tithing’ bs has been taken to extremes. Tune in to Xtian TV. I’d rather hand a quarter to a disabled Interstate on-ramp Vet before I’d give a dime to your so-called ‘church’. More importantly, keep your hands off our kids, a situation you seem well-prepared to make excuses for, at every turn. It’s a ‘minority’. Yeah, right. It’s a culture which delights in breeding that ‘minority’ and then hides them away. No wonder there’s a bullet-proof ‘Popemobile’. I’d shoot the fucker, as well, given the opportunity.


    • Wow, Dave when did making specific threats of violence become acceptable or legal? I’m not religious, I don’t go to church and I certainly have never had my hands in your pockets. Tithing was voluntary last time I looked as is watching Christian television. I also give money directly to folks who are struggling but at least the local churches in my community are some of the more active providers of direct service to the poor. A local charity The Voluntary Action Center administers donations from the churches (Fish Funds they are called) and sad sacks can get $50.00 of assistance for about any good cause. Working with a victim of child sexual abuse at the hands of a priest right now and have never defended the practice. Don’t know anyone who has. I didn’t say Christians were a minority, they’re the obvious majority here in America, they just like to act that way. Everyone who disagrees with your allies is not a religious zealot. Straw man arguments, threats of violence and bluster is unimpressive. Merry Christmas.


  4. Dave said

    Yeah…sure you do. Fuck the Pope and his minions. They do squat, regardless of season. You’re eternal excuses and subterfuge do nothing to address any issues brought forth on this blog, or any other. Look up ‘Straw man’ and ‘sad sack’. Terms you feel entirely comfortable with as to tossing about. Check yer ‘diktionary’, idiot.

    There’s no-one in my neighborhood who gives a damn about helping anyone else out, and they’re all church-going types. You think I subscribe to this blog for no reason? That’s right. I’m just a hateful type. Oh……merry xmas!


    • Dave, took your advice and looked up Sad Sack. Didn’t know its origins or wouldn’t have used the term as I do. I’ve been poor most of my life and have worked in partnership with the poor to help struggling folks and feel a little allowed to take some loving liberties but its not a cool term for struggling folks. Thank you for the social awareness.


  5. Dave said

    Oh….pss…..” specific threats of violence become acceptable or legal? ” You must be referring to the US military? Yes? Again, I’d shoot the fuckin’ Pope in a heartbeat. Imagine Hitler being taken out in the early years. No difference.


    • Dave said

      No…..every ‘Pope’ being taken out within a week of his ‘coronation’, might reduce the applicants to ‘zip’. That might even encourage some of us to engage in the Catholic church. HardeeHarHar!


  6. doctore0 said

    It’s beginning to look a lot like…


    • Dave said

      See… here he goes again! I’m not even a freakin’ atheist and I still subscribe to this blog. Something terribly wrong here. Must have something to do with ‘logic’ and/or that shibboleth, whichever one he feels comfortable with at any given time, exerting a certain influence. I do wish Doc + cat the best , at all times , but I don’t think magic should be playing any role in that. A fear of mine.


  7. Dave said

    OK… it should be around 8 am, your time. Yule-cat should be finding the tree irresistable( ?) at this point. I have no clue as to how to correctly spell that! Should you have any problems, please call. Chihuahua-dog is more than capable of getting Yule-cat through any issues she might have at the moment. The Icelandic language issue might be a problem. However, my dog is not stupid. Y’know. I am. That’s the truth.


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