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Fake exorcist arrested for molesting women

Posted by doctore0 on November 9, 2011

Hey, no need to say “FAKE”, all exorcists are 100% FAKE.. sheesh

Saudi Arabia’s religious police arrested an Egyptian man claiming to have exorcism and spiritual healing powers for molesting many women by telling them he can rid their bodies of the devil through their sexual organs.

In court, he blamed the devil for his acts.

Wearing a religious gown and turban, the bearded man had used his house in the western Red Sea port of Jeddah to meet scores of women under the illusion that their bodies could be haunted by jinn (ghosts) and they could be the cause of their physical and psychological problems.

The man confessed in court that he was putting his hands on “sensitive parts” of his clients, claiming he would kick the jinn out through those parts.

“Some women responded to my touches but others rebuked me. I told those who got angry that I just wanted to expel the jinn out of their bodies. Most of them believed me,” the man told court, according to Sabq newspaper.
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