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Battle over cross looms in parliament

Posted by doctore0 on October 17, 2011

Bet you thought this was Je$u$usland.. uhh sorry, USA: But alas, Christians are crossed all over the place 😛
Hey Kaczynski, all the crazy beliefs are belong to you!

Conservative politicians have said they will defend a cross which hangs in the parliament building in Warsaw after Poland’s militant atheist MP Janusz Palikot called for it to be taken down.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of the conservative opposition Law and Justice (PiS) has declared his party’s plans to defend a cross that hangs in Poland’s lower house of parliament after the newly elected liberal Palikot Movement announced its aim to have the symbol removed.
“There is no reason for the cross to be removed, just because a group of people with crazy beliefs wishes for it to be so,” Kaczynski said.
The bid to remove the cross, which was declared on Wednesday by Janusz Palikot, leader of the Palikot Movement, came just three days after the general election, in which his anti-clerical, liberal party won a surprise ten percent of the vote.
A spokesman for the christian-democrat Civic Platform party, which won the largest number of seats in parliament on Sunday, has said however that the cross was not just a religious but “national symbol” in Poland and there were no plans to have it taken down.
“First of all, the cross is not a national symbol,” Palikot said, adding that he is submitting a request to the Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament for the removal of the symbol.
Although he claimed that his party “fully respects the religious character of the cross,” Palikot argued that “it should not be dragged into party and political struggles, and it should not hang in parliament or many other public institutions.”

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