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Are All Psychics Fake?

Posted by doctore0 on October 3, 2011

Yes all psychics are fake and/or insane/criminal; Every single one!

2 Responses to “Are All Psychics Fake?”

  1. Dave said

    Heck, don’t actors make a living pretending to be someone they’re not? Why pick on psychics? Tom Cruise would be a more entertaining target. ( No Tom……you’re not really a Top Gun.) Poor George Reeves killed himself upon realizing he wasn’t really Superman.

    There was a guy, forget his name, who not so long ago acted his way through the Presidency.
    Fake/criminal/insane? I understand his wife relied heavily on psychics. Yeah, that’s right… was all their fault.

    And most importantly…….why haven’t they sent Rambo into Afghanistan yet, eh? Poof! War over. ( oh right…..Bush isn’t Prez any longer)


    • doctore0 said

      Well since Tom Cruise is the Je$u$ of the cult of Scientology.. he and his movies should be shunned at all costs, never ever support cults.


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