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Getting to know Jesus inside of us: Pastor fingers private parts of the congregation

Posted by doctore0 on September 28, 2011


Come feel the lards rod...

Church’s latest mission: to prepare for the second coming of Jesus Christ by, according to its website, “getting to know Jesus inside of us and being in perfect harmony with Him as His body.”

Then Livingston introduced a new way to achieve that harmony — a technique that would become the focus of a criminal investigation.

The ritual

Livingston called it “light therapy.”

To traditional doctors, light therapy is a way to treat some forms of depression and disease by shining light on the afflicted.

For Livingston, it meant praying for followers by touching them.

Testimony and affidavits filed in court indicate he developed the practice about two years ago.

Sessions were offered outside church, at the homes in Elgin and Wauconda where Livingston was living. It was only offered to a select group of church members deemed ready, about five or six.

At first, the participant lay on a couch. Clothes stayed on. Private areas were not touched. Livingston’s wife helped, according to the Kane County testimony.

Then Livingston increasingly went in alone with each participant. Both got naked. Livingston touched her private parts, even inserted his fingers into them. The women touched his penis while they prayed, according to testimony.

Livingston testified the therapy was separate from his church, used merely as a “spiritual guidance” to benefit some followers. He said light therapy had shown “miraculous” results, that he reduced anxiety in a victim of molestation and turned homosexuals and sexual addicts into “virtuous people.” His wife not only was “healed” of spiritual and emotional issues, but rid herself of chronic yeast infections, he testified.

Livingston said the ritual wasn’t sexual. He said he was never aroused, something Ericksen disputed.
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